If you are into a business, in which, your sales team visits prospective clients and takes orders from them, you must be aware of how challenging taking orders manually are. However, you can over the challenge using field force tracking software. Don’t underestimate it by its name. In addition to tracking your field force, it has many more powerful features, and order taking is one of those. Field force tracking software of this current generation, such as Trackyu, offers your field forces a convenient platform to devote themselves fully to their core business – sales.

Trackyu centralises all the data that your field force may require to better prepare for a client visit: customer files, customer history, schedule of visits, status monitoring, etc. With the help of Trackyu, your field force can take orders in the fastest way possible. What’s more, in a matter of few clicks, your field force can transfer the recorder orders to the concerned persons for authorisation and processing. This will help your field force to make an increased number of client visits and take more orders. With the increase in the productivity of your field force, your business will witness faster growth.

Field force tracking software like Trackyu comes with very little subscription fees that need to be renewed yearly. You will witness a greater return on investment in the very short term. With the help of Trackyu, your field force can better prepare for visits, execute faster order taking, and better task management, which in turn, will save a lot of time that can be utilised in performing other business activities. This automation software streamlines and optimizes your business processes. Taking orders with Trackyu increases the productivity of your salespeople and boosts your turnover.

About the Author:

Trackyu is more than a sales employee location tracking app that provides its users to track and monitor a wide range of activities of the on-field employees. You can use Trackyu on every sort of device – smartphones, desktops, laptops, tablets, etc. Its main goal is to improve the efficiency of your employees by enabling you to track their real-time location, attendance, performance, tour expenses, and much more at a competitive price.