The clear stone with the brilliant shine and clarity, Herkimer diamond is the double terminated quartz crystal that has 18 faces and are often mistaken as the diamonds. They are not actually diamonds, but because of the clarity and appearance bears the tag of it. These brilliant gemstones make stunning jewelry pieces that are admired around the world. They are the birthstone for April and are also known as the stone of higher vibrations.

To know this gemstone better, let’s explore what actually Herkimer diamonds are and what story and magic it holds.

Meaning of the Herkimer diamond

The transparent gemstones with the clear shine are known as the stone of attunement, Herkimer diamond are the high energy seeking gemstones that connect a person to their higher self. They are the white color, transparent stones with the interesting inclusions like carbons, bubbles, and the rainbow. Which makes the most appealing gemstone jewerly to own.

Origin of Herkimer diamond

Herkimer diamonds are the crystal that started forming around 500 billion years ago. Below the shallow sea, the calcium and the magnesium started to gather and the cavities started to grow which led to the creation of these beautiful transparent stones. (Here is a fact – the Herkimer diamond are formed independently, meaning they have zero or not contact with their host rock. Amazing right!).

The Herkimer diamond was first discovered near the Mohawk River where few miners were mining, they saw the gemstone and that is how these gems came into being. While the largest collection of Herkimer diamonds is found in the Herkimer country New York, USA. Which are the best-in-class and are admired around the world for their beauty.

Healing properties of Herkimer diamond

The Herkimer diamonds are a great source of healing. They are the stone of attunement and are great amplifiers of energy. With high energy, these crystals act as the bridge between the universe and the life source, making them the perfect gemstone used for healing.

Let’s take a look at some of the exceptional healing properties of the Herkimer diamond.

Herkimer diamond for the physical healing

Within a fit body lies a healthy mind. That is why it is important to be physically fit. And to achieve this Herkimer diamond acts as a great source of physical healing. Wearing the Herkimer diamond jewerly helps in,

  • Relieving the pain and imparting calm and relief to the body.
  • It acts as a purifier and clears the toxins within the body.
  • It eliminates the stress and relieves the body from physical tension.
  • They are wonderful for eyesight and provides support to the eyes.

Herkimer diamond for the emotional healing 

Herkimer diamond acts as a great tool to release the stress as it has positive energies which help in the emotions, wearing herkimer diamond jewelry helps in,

  • Silencing the unconscious fears.
  • Providing the light to the dull spirit and sparking the will of fire.
  • Uplifting the moods and spirit hence giving the calm.
  • Clearing the clouded judgment and imparts clarity to see the bigger things in life.

Herkimer diamond for the spiritual healing

The spiritual energies act as the link between the higher self and the spiritual realm and wearing the Herkimer diamonds jewelry helps in,

  • Connecting to the divine energies.
  • A better and clear outlook on the things that don’t matter.
  • Grounding the person and connects to the Earth energies.
  • Herkimer diamonds are the high energy seekers so they link you to the better and more positive frequencies.

  Herkimer diamond for the balancing 

The chakra plays a very important role in the health and overall wellbeing of the person. It balances the body in perfect harmony and helps in,

  • The blocked channels and the energies that flow through them.
  • Opening the crown chakra which is responsible for the balance of the mind, filtering the thoughts and working of the internal communication.
  • Opening the third eye chakra which provides insight and centres the perception.
  • Opening the heart chakra, by removing the blockages in the heart and provides the flow of blood through the arteries. Wearing the Herkimer diamond jewelry also rebalances the energies.

Uses of the Herkimer diamond

The Herkimer diamond is the high vibration gemstone that amplifies the energies and clears the negative aura and provides clear insight. These high energy crystal are used in the,

  1. Making the Jewelry

Herkimer diamond makes the most astonishing Herkimer diamond jewelry pieces like earrings, rings, bracelets, and pendants that are one of a kind and makes the most statement and are loved around the world.

  1. Works as a talisman

These white crystals are the natural energy seekers. They boost the efforts and helps in changing the situation. These wonderful Herkimer diamonds are the perfect fit for growth and exploring new capabilities.

  1. Used in Feng shui

Herkimer diamonds are energy dispensers. When placed in the light, they align with the powers of the sun and disperse the light and positive energies in the in the room and acts as a filter.

With so many exceptional healing properties and wonderful uses the Herkimer diamond is an exceptional healing stone. They make some eye-catching jewelry and are outlay for the soul.

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