App development is a process that involves multiple processes. One of the crucial processes being designing the UI and UX.The two pivotal processes, though paid enough heed to, are not largely understood by people. There are a lot of queries and questions in the people’s minds about UI and UX, the respective designers and how to go about them. 

But you needn’t worry anymore, dear reader! The present write-up is here to help you in this regard. It will take you through the basic definitions and the importance of these two terms. So, gear up to know about the ‘designs’ and the ‘designers’… along with other technical know-hows. 

What is User Interface Design?

UI stands for User Interface. UI is the graphical layout in an app. It is through this interface that the machine and users interact.
UI design, as the name suggests is the design of the user interface for devices and software, for example, mobile devices, computers and other electronic devices. It is also known as user interface engineering. The focus while designing, is on providing a magnificent user experience and boosting usability. Along with that, the designers’ goal is to ensure that the interaction of a user is as simple and efficient as possible. Hence, UI’s designs are by a large user-centred designs.

Designers also focus on the aesthetic appeal of the platform they develop a UI for. Anything that binds the users visually is bound to profit eventually. Hence, a lot of attention is given to the visual elements that go into a certain application. The application must be interactive, attractive, visually stimulating and theme-based. The importance of a theme lies in the fact that every visual element must appear united in purpose and aesthetics.

Interface design isn’t just limited to mobile and electronic devices. It is involved in a range of projects, from cars to planes, etc. Such projects require basic human interactions and also other important skills and knowledge. Therefore, designers specialise in different types of projects and hone their skills accordingly – be it web design, industrial design or software design.

What is User Experience Design?

UX or UE is basically, how users interact with a product and experience it. UE includes the perception of a user about the utility, efficiency and ease of usage, of a particular platform. Improving the user experience is highly important to businesses; it is this experience that gives an objective insight into how a venture is faring. Good and bad experiences reflect accordingly on the product.

UX design focuses on the interaction between humans and products and services of everyday use, e.g.: applications, machines, websites, etc. This one is a varied discipline and combines aspects of business, design, technology, psychology and market research. Clearly, user experience designers need to be adept at many things.

Before we move any further, allow me to explain to you, how UE/UX looks in action. Let me describe it using an example…

Suppose you wish to buy a shirt online. You go to a particular website and go to the clothes section. The clothes aren’t segregated into categories, but you still move ahead; you need to buy a shirt. You start browsing and there is a plethora of options available, without any filters to make it easier for you to make the purchase! You gasp and you still keep surfing through the displayed items. You finally land on the shirt you like and decide to make a purchase. Suddenly you are asked to sign in. You keep calm and sign in. Later, you realise that though the item is in your cart, but, there’s no description of its size. It is not even mentioned whether it is a free size product or not. There aren’t any reviews available to help you make a decision. 

The decision to turn to an online shopping app site has turned into a nightmare! You have done everything, except being able to make the purchase. You get irritated and you close the tab!
This was an example of a bad user experience. It doesn’t settle nicely with consumers and they choose never to revisit such a platform.

UX doesn’t only apply to websites, but also to applications, other products and services. Every product or person we come in contact with involves a certain kind of experience. We tend to go back to the places and people we have a good experience with and decide never to look back at anything bad that we encounter. The same is the case with UE with regards to apps, websites, etc. 

To successfully design UI and UX, designers need to thoroughly research and analyse the market, the target audience and preferences of the latter. It is crucial for both disciplines to gather as much information and knowledge as possible. It helps designers to appropriate designs; and both UI and UX developers follow by and large a similar approach.

Final words… 

Now that you have become well-versed with the important basics related to UI/UX design, it is crucial that you hire a designer to do the needful! Yes, companies are always on the lookout for UI/UX designers, they make a platform representative of any firm – app, websites, etc. – appear beautiful, engaging and intriguing! Designing the UI and UX is an indispensable process; it ensures success as it enables the doer to do thorough research before getting into the ‘work clothes!’

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