Morocco is bordered by Mauritania and Algeria in the extreme northwest of the African continent. The Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean are on Morocco’s coastlines. It is known for the sandy beaches on the western coast which faces the Atlantic. The Sahara Desert is the world’s warmest and third-largest desert after the Antarctic and the Arctic and is situated on the southeastern side of Morocco.

When people think of Morocco, the first word is exotic. Old towns exude a mystical aura that gives visitors a lasting impression. The combination is made up of excellent beach resorts, snow-capped mountains, cedar woods, orange groves, and the colorful Sahara Desert. The country-influenced by Roman, Arab, Berber, and French cultures will take them on Morocco holidays. Morocco Tour Packages in.

What are the best towns and places to visit in Morocco?

  • Casablanca: It is a vibrant metropolis that is the most liberal of Morocco’s cities, with residents who are more accessible to Western ways than their neighbors are, as seen on a Morocco holiday package.
  • Marrakech: Marrakech is situated on the foothills of the Atlas Mountains, one of Morocco’s four imperial towns. In Marrakech on Morocco holidays, there is a trendy city with many links with the past.
  • Fez: Morocco’s medieval capital, Fez, is in the northern part of Morocco’s country bordered by the Atlas Mountain foothills. Fez, another of the four Imperial cities in Morocco, is regarded as a spiritual and cultural center of Morocco during its holidays.
  • Meknes: Silver and smaller than Fez, Meknes’s on trips to Morocco is more relaxed. The buildings of a formerly imperial city are now rolling narrow Medina avenues, once home to the Moroccan sultanate.

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