Hemorrhoids are a pain in the ass, literally, they are pain. Let us know first what hemorrhoids is. It is a disorder that causes swelling in the anus section of the body which makes sitting, walking, and making bowel movements uncomfortable. Many tips and tricks can ease up the pain and with consistency, hemorrhoids can be gone in a week or earlier. To know more about how to relief hemorrhoids, just keep on reading!


Comfortable Clothing


Easing the pressure on the painful part can help it heal at a much faster pace, this can be done by wearing loose underwear and pants or shorts. Tight clothes will apply pressure on the painful area which is dangerous because the pain is just there, you will feel it no matter how small the movements are.


Hot and Cold


Warm bath and ice cold compress after is helpful for healing hemorrhoids. Warm water for washing is helpful because it calms the wound after being put in a lot of stress. Cold compress in your spare time is helpful because cold compress helps numb the pain plus it reduces the swelling of the hemorrhoid.


Practical Steps

After knowing things that you can do, here are some practices you should practice when you will have hemorrhoids: 


Less time sitting 

– It can reduce the pressure of your body onto the swelling part


Avoid scratching, itching, and rubbing 

– It is obvious that itching, scratching or rubbing will make the swelling hurt and make the situation worse if it wounds


Faster time to lose bowel than usual 

– Longer time to lose stool makes the anus suffer from a lot of pain which leads to a worse hemorrhoids


Be gentle especially when washing 

– Avoid bringing your anus to a suffering you can’t take, not all things are done with strength


Be relaxed when the pain comes 

– Panicking in times of pain will never help. Stay calm it can help you think and come up with solutions 

Proper hygiene is key 

– Cleaning your body regularly will make you neat and far from any sickness, not just hemorrhoids 


Healthy food and hydration is advised 

– No sickness can beat a healthy body with healthy food inside its body


Over-the-counter purchases for ointments, creams, and stool softeners 

– The professionals can help, better to seek them help


Key Takeaway


Hemorrhoids will literally give you a hard time doing regular daily things so before reaching that point, avoid it as much as possible by exercising, eating healthy foods, regular bowel movements, and cleaning when you feel dirty. During the pandemic, people have a hard time reaching for drug stores or doctors that can do the job, always look for the best solution online with the most reliable source and just take care of your body the next time. Always take care and stay safe.