House cleaning after returning from vacation: where to start?


House Cleaning Services in Dubai is one of the unpleasant things to do after returning from summer holidays. Certainly not a fun task, but unavoidable.


The long-awaited holidays have arrived, but unfortunately are already over. Soon we expect the return to the city, the return to everyday life, work, but above all, the cleaning of the house!


The return from holidays, spent at the sea or in the mountains, is often experienced with nostalgia, many memories in the heart, many photos taken, which immediately bring us back to everyday reality.


Well yes. Before returning to a house that has been closed for several weeks, the house must be thoroughly refreshed and cleaned. You can’t escape the cleaning of the house. But where to start?


To avoid a traumatic return, a source of stress and discontent, we suggest some tricks to better deal with your household cleaning with the utmost organization.


We give you some tips and tricks to avoid unpleasant surprises and help you manage this delicate operation with serenity and organization.


Where to start cleaning the house


Before you even start cleaning the house, the first thing to do after returning from vacation is to open the windows. Opening all the windows and doors inside the house creates a flow of air in the rooms, resulting in a change of air.


Air exchange is essential to avoid problems of humidity, mold and domestic pollution. In fact, dust, humidity and harmful substances in your home could cause you health problems.


After days of darkness, furniture, walls, beds, floors need to be freshened up and fresh air before the actual house cleaning.


Another operation to be carried out immediately upon returning from vacation but before starting the housekeeping, in particular cleaning the floors, is to unpack the suitcase and clean it.


During the holidays, dust, sand or earth accumulate. Cleaning and washing your suitcase becomes essential before putting it back in the closets.


Always check the manufacturer’s instructions first to avoid damaging your luggage.


The first particularly dirty parts to be absolutely cleaned are the wheels and the handle. The first because they are in direct contact with sidewalks, floors and the hold of the plane. The second is because it is touched by anyone who takes charge of your suitcase.


With the help of a vacuum cleaner, equipped with a spout or brush, or a simple rag, remove all the earth, sand residues, small grains and any dirt even in the most hidden corners.


This operation is the reason why I suggest cleaning the suitcase before cleaning the floors in the house, to avoid having to do it again.


Dampen a soft microfiber cloth with Marseille soap and water and continue washing the wheels. I recommend that you rinse them well so as not to leave soap residues and dry them with a clean rag so as not to damage the mechanism.


Wipe the damp cloth over the handle as well, always making sure it is completely dry. For your safety you can also use a sanitizing spray.


To clean the interior of the suitcase you can use the same soft cloth moistened with warm water and Marseille soap or a specific detergent for fabrics. You can also add a few drops of scented essence which will eliminate any bad smells.


For cleaning the outside of the suitcase, the techniques vary according to the material with which they are made. I recommend you pay particular attention to the skin, which needs specific treatment.


In general, for rigid suitcases or soft fabric you can use, as well as the interior, a microfiber cloth soaked in warm water and Marseille soap. Never use solvents.


Remove any soap residue that may leave streaks and rinse with clean water.


At the end of this cleaning process, leave your luggage outdoors for a full day. You can let it dry in the sun so as to also remove any bad smells.


Finally, before storing them in the closets or in the closet, you can insert scented bags with your favorite essence inside the luggage or spray some deodorant for fabrics, to always have them fresh, scented ready to face another journey.


Once you have emptied the suitcases from the clothes, before starting the house cleaning, proceed immediately to wash the clothes. Load the washing machine which you can then hang out between cleaning one room and another.


Good! Now let’s start cleaning the house.


If you didn’t cover the bed with a towel before you left, change the sheets. It will allow you to avoid coming into contact with the dust and mites that will have deposited on the du tissues

during your absence, an important precaution especially if you suffer from dust allergy.


Plus the feeling of fresh, clean sheets will regenerate you from the hard journey back home.


If possible, take out the sofa as well and take the cover to be washed in the laundry, in order to disinfect it and also remove any traces of dust accumulated over the days.


You can do the same thing by washing rugs or pillows in a washing machine or dry cleaner.


I suggest you do it immediately to take advantage of the still beautiful days by letting everything dry in the open air.


Eliminate dust in the house

We continue our house cleaning and speaking of dust, with a microfibre cloth to remove dust from furniture and from every surface.


Surely this cleaning operation takes some time, but it is necessary after a long time in which the house has been closed.


Also for the floors, remove the dust accumulated in the days of absence by vacuuming. Then wash the floors with the most suitable detergent for the type of floor of the different domestic spaces (it will be different for marble, wood or ceramic).


Don’t forget about the outside! The balconies of the house are the part of the house most exposed to bad weather, rain or wind could have dirty the surface or carried residues of leaves or the soil of the plants.


Remove leaves, dirt and dirt with a broom and dustpan, paying attention to drains.

Then proceed to wash the floor with the specific detergent for the balcony floor diluted in water and wipe with the rag.


For the bathroom, if you have thoroughly cleaned the bathroom before leaving, you just need the usual damp cloth to remove any residual dust. In a few minutes you will have a clean and disinfected environment.


Finally, if you have left the shutters open, it is better to clean the windows to eliminate dust or signs of bad weather.


It is another of the most boring housework, I do not doubt it, but if you do it immediately you will have clean and shiny windows that will last you for a few months.


Refrigerator and pantry

If you have emptied, defrosted and unplugged the refrigerator before leaving, all you have to do is clean the shelves to eliminate bad smells or the presence of any mold.


Also check your pantry in the kitchen that it has not been invaded by food butterflies.


With the preparations for the holidays, you can forget about a few packages of cookies or open pasta. In this case it is better to throw the open boxes and clean the shelves thoroughly, with water and detergent.


6 things in the house that you absolutely must clean after the holidays

Once you return to everyday life, the holidays become just a distant memory. We can’t wait to put everything back in order and make the objects we no longer use disappear.


Here are the objects that many forget to clean after returning from vacation.


Cooler bag: essential for outdoor dining and to withstand the heat of summer. To clean the cooler bag always use a cloth soaked in water and lemon juice, to avoid unpleasant traces of mold.

Beach bag: empty your beach bag and throw away sunscreen and anything you no longer need. Remove the sand before placing it in the closet and clean it with a cloth soaked in water. Always pay attention to the label, to consult so as not to damage it.

Inflatables: mats and armrests require proper and thorough salt cleaning. Also, once fully deflated, fold them well and set them aside for the next year.

Rubber flip-flops or beach slippers: after whole days spent in salt, sand and so on, they definitely need a thorough and thorough cleaning. We suggest hand washing, the washing machine would tend to wear them out very quickly. Dip them in hot water and a few drops of soap. Soap them well, without neglecting the bands and the part that goes between the fingers. Rinse them under fresh water and let them dry in the open air, making sure that the sun’s rays do not reach directly.

Costumes, sarongs and cover-ups: these garments have their importance in the summer and they are always delicate fabrics and with particular textures that need attention. Always check the label that suggests washing options. Our advice is to always wash by hand in cold water and with a little soap. Avoid rubbing the costume when hand washing. If it is possible to wash in the washing machine, close the costume in a bag for washing delicate garments.

Sunglasses: always neglected. Cleaning your sunglasses is essential to avoid scratches on the lenses of your glasses. To ensure long life for the glasses, run a light jet of warm (never hot) running water over the glasses. Apply a drop of mild soap

for hands on lenses and frames. Rinse well with water and dry carefully with a special microfiber cloth to avoid scratching the lenses.

Entrust the house cleaning to a professional cleaning company

If you do not want to carry out all the operations we have suggested you do when you return from vacation, entrust the house cleaning to a professional cleaning company, such as ours.


It is important to clean and sanitize the house after returning from vacation and to keep the house fresh in view of autumn and winter. Don’t neglect your health and that of your loved ones.


So if you have little desire to tidy up and clean your home after the holidays, why don’t you contact a cleaning company to do it for you?


In fact, we know very well that returning from holidays is a delicate and demanding moment. Paradoxically, one feels more tired and exhausted. Relaxation made us lazy and listless.


If you don’t feel like cleaning the house, call us now!


Pest Control Services in Dubai has been specializing in household cleaning for over 40 years. Our professionalism is at your service.


Do not hesitate to contact me immediately for a free and no-obligation quote. And keep following our blog, new tips will be posted soon.