In recent years, Ethereum has become popular around the globe, as an alternative to Bitcoin. Though unlike Bitcoin and the other rival currencies, such as Litecoin, Ethereum has been adopted by many startups and companies as a way of transaction. 

The popularity of Ethereum exchangers has also reached Pakistan. Despite the many emerging companies that deal with Ethereum, c4Changer is considered to be the finest Ethereum Exchanger in Pakistan.

With time it is being observed that the competition between the cryptocurrency companies is only increasing. Amidst this war-like situation, Ethereum is viewed as the diamond of the currencies. Since Ethreum has industrial, as well as intrinsic value. If we compare Ethereum with Bitcoin, we will find out that Bitcoin acts more like gold, because it does not have much industrial value, yet people are buying and selling it on the basis of its intrinsic value. 

Despite the increasing popularity of Ethereum, many people still have little to no knowledge of  How to invest in Ethereum, what is it ?, how different it is from Bitcoin. Another thing that is noteworthy is to know the potential risks of investing and it is also essential to know the potential profits. 

Before diving deeper into the ‘hows’ and whys of Ethereum, let us first discover what it really is.

What is Ethereum?

You might be thinking that Ethereum is money as it deals with monetary aspects. However, Ethereum is actually the kind of decentralized software that allows the programmers and developers to run the code of the application themselves. 

As you know that Bitcoin has a technology called blockchain, which is specifically used for the conduction of transactions. The money received through Bitcoin is consequently considered as straight money. Whereas, Ethereum utilizes blockchain technology to permit the creation of applications. These applications can be executed on the cloud and are shielded from any manipulation. The bi-product of such a process is that a token called Ether is required to be used by Ethreum. Ether acts as a Bitcoin for the transaction. This portion becomes the monetary value of Ethereum.

Because of the uniqueness of Ethereum, it has been a major attraction for not only the software developer but also the hardware ware manufacturers, investors, real estate, and many more.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum?

As stated above Bitcoin is designed to act as a soft currency and it works on the same underlying principles of technology, but it uses them in order to facilitate monetary transactions. 

On the other hand, Ethereum is programmed to facilitate software processing by using a token system known as Ether. Since more and more people are becoming interested in technology, Ether has become very valuable. Therefore, it is Ether that people long to invest in.

It is going to be very intriguing to see the future of Ethereum in the coming decades. Since even now so many apps are being developed on Ethereum.

Another advantage that Ethereum has over Bitcoin is that Ethereum comes much cheaper!

How to invest in Ether? 

To invest in Ethereum in general and Ether in specific, the first thing that you are required to have is a digital wallet. You cannot trade with Ethereum on major stock platforms, neither can you get Ethereum by going to your online discount broker. It is compulsory for you to convert Ethereum into your wallet.

For this purpose, we cannot recommend using the Coinbase digital wallet enough, as not only is it surprisingly easy but also allows you to conveniently invest in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Litecoin. Doing so will also grant you the extra bonus for signing up.

It is essential to keep in mind that Ether is a currency and it must be treated like that by investors. You are not buying the shares of Ether like you would exchange the stocks. You are rather exchanging your cash in dollars for a token of Ether. There are no payouts and dividends.  The only hope you have is with the future, that people on the internet will give you at least more for the tokens than the money you have bought them for.

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