Marketing has gone through modification in the past few years, but it’s all about a revolution that blockchain brings for this industry. Most experts associate Artificial intelligence and analytics with digital marketing, but blockchain can be the destructive technology to hit marketers of every domain. It is very interesting to know the benefits of blockchain marketing for marketers and businesses. 

The core of blockchain lies in transactions between parties eradicating third-party verification. Mostly, blockchain development services use cases are visible in the finance and crypto world, but blockchain marketing has huge potential to modify the marketing industry by maximizing efficiency and transparency. 


What is Blockchain Based Marketing?  

Blockchain is known for transparency, security, traceability, and accessibility has the power to disrupt every industry, including marketing and advertisement. Blockchain marketing is a unique and new marketing and advertisement environment where users can hold their data and can sell it directly to marketers. It will circumvent social media platforms like Facebook and social media with greater trust and user data usability. 

Blockchain forms a direct data exchange between users and brands that the world has not seen before. It emphasizes the relationship between companies replacing the middle man that will ultimately empower business. On the other hand, social media platforms especially, Facebook collect data based on user activity, but it delivers low-quality information and reduces consumer trust. 

The Ways Blockchain Restructuring Marketing Industry 

Blockchain brings a new kind of platform entirely opposite to existing publishers Facebook and Instagram. When the consumer can compensate for their advertisement data, marketers have the opportunity to leverage this available data to carry out targeted advertisements at an individual level.  

There are some of the ways blockchain revolutionizing traditional marketing: 

Democratic Marketing 

The integration of AI and analytics in marketing has empowered businesses more than end-users, while blockchain will give power back to consumers. People can choose to view ads exchanging for digital coins or tokens. It authorizes users for viewing ads and giving their data to advertisement agencies. 

Reliable Marketing 

Blockchain makes the supply chain process more transparent. For example, there is an organic product in the supply chain network, which makes it easier to audit supply chains, and the customer will be more confident to buy the product at the labeled price. Therefore, it is easier to grab the attention of potential clients through reliable and authentic information. 

Cost and Time Effective  

The eradicating middlemen from the advertisement not only reduces costs but makes it accurate and reliable. Going with 2 to 3 parties usually makes the marketing process complex, but blockchain enables marketers to access information without relying on other resources. Blockchain marketing makes it easier for marketing teams to calculate the ROI of their Ads. 


Wrapping Up 

To get benefits from new technology, be an early adopter. Although blockchain marketing is at its early stages, many marketers enjoying its benefits by cutting out third-party dependencies. Blockchain marketing enables to target right audience to utilize accurate and reliable data. OptimusFox is a leading blockchain development company offering its blockchain marketing business to empower your business to the next level.