This is the time wherein one cannot isolate healthcare sector from technology. It is proven that they are thriving, growing and co-existing to respond to the needs of the people. Healthcare institutions understands that innovations, service upgrade and continuous study is necessary to improve support and service.

The Rise of Telehealth


Telehealth refers to the extensive use of gadgets, technologies and applications to improve, support and provide health care services. Digital informations may be accessed using mobile phones, laptops and computers.


This is how telehealth can help individuals and doctors:

  • Ordering medications and testing materials via online.
  • Certain app can monitor sugar level, your body mass index, heart rate and more.
  • Easy communication with your doctor for schedules and consultations.
  • Collaborated health records for easy tracking.

Virtual Healthcare Provider

Virtual medical assistants are the ones who organize, simplify tasks and handle patient care. Their expertise is hugely valuable to small, independent practices giving wide range of operational support.

The usual task that they perform are:

  • They secure medical records keeping sensitive informations safe. They can access it whenever it is necessary especially if there’s a severe health condition or threat to the patient.
  • It is time consuming for medical practitioners to handle even the slightest of administrative work. They must focus on their profession and specialty. That is why virtual assistants are hands on in managing all administrative duties. They create calendar schedule for patient consultation, they set events, meetings and appointments.
  • VAs handles communication for the patients’ insurance need from verification to sending of claims. They can also confirm your eligibility whenever you’re seeking for insurance aid.
  • They can send payrolls, collect receipts, pay the clinic’s bills and manage expenses. They can also produce financial reports and cash flow.
  • To grow your small practice, social media marketing is necessary. A virtual assistant can manage your facebook, answer messenger queries and respond to reviews. Campaigning your business sustains relevance.


Given all these, it is safe to say that there are a lot things a virtual

assistant can do. They enhance the service you provide to your patients. But what are the benefits of having one for your business?

Here are some of them:

  • No need to rush your patients because of time restrictions. Virtual work setup provides sufficient time.
  • Extra time for your family and leisure. You can decide to have some free time to learn new stuff.
  • VAs are usually compensated per hour. This may also be a source of your extra income.
  • It offers flexibility. No need to work and travel to your office.