When it comes to bringing top talents to your company in the most effective way possible, leveraging new-age technology is the best option for you. With this, businesses can save their valuable resources, time, and energy and evaluate candidates properly and make wise hiring decisions.   

So, irrespective of whether you have a start-up venture or an established brand when you want to build a strong team with the best talents, hire candidates with an online skills testing platform. And read on to know how such a tool can help your business – 

Top Features to Look for When Choosing an ATS Platform for Hiring 

To streamline the entire interview process and attract and retain the best candidates, you need to look for some key features when looking for an ATS platform. Here are these – 

  • Easy job creation 
  • Customizable tests 
  • User-friendliness
  • Custom branding
  • Anonymous domain 
  • Database access 
  • Security
  • Job cloning
  • Manage users 
  • Ready-to-use library 
  • Anti-fraud detection  
  • Client support 
  • Detailed analytics 
  • Demo tests
  • Free trial 

Along with considering the features of the applicant tracking system, think about your unique recruitment needs, quick and effective hiring process, and the affordability of the tool before making the final decision regarding the tool. 

How Can a Pre-Employment Testing Tool Help Your Business?

     1. Boost in Business Revenue 

If you calculate, you will find that the total cost invested per hire is around 40% to 70% of the candidate’s annual salary. By offering you a detailed report of the candidate’s knowledge in a particular tech domain, an online coding interview platform helps reduce the cost. 

And based on this, you can decide the training program required for the particular candidate. After an assessment test, if you find that the candidate is well-versed and needs minimum or no training, you can save significantly on the training cost and increase revenue.

     2. Improve Employee Retention Rate 

You should always try to match the job role of the candidate with their strengths. When a candidate is asked to work on his strengths instead of weaknesses, he will grow personally and professionally. And it will eventually contribute to the growth of the organization. 

Use the pre-employment coding testing platform to identify the job-based strengths of candidates before offering the employability that will satisfy them. It will ultimately increase the chances of employee retention to a great extent.

      3. Better Promotion of Company 

Do you know, the candidates and your current employees can help you make your brand. However, you should keep in mind that they can also define your company’s image if not treated well. Keeping your candidates updated about the recent company happenings and engaging them will help you create a positive experience. 

When the candidates are happy with the interview procedure, they may share their experiences in their social circle. It will help you create a positive brand image among the job applicants. You can walk the extra mile by adding your company’s domain name and logo to the test. It will help create a positive experience for your brand. 

     4. Better Productivity 

The scientifically designed pre-employment skill tests assist recruiters in identifying potential hires. Besides, skill-testing offers you a clear idea about the company’s productivity based on the proficiency level. These skill tests measure the work skills, aptitude skills, and job readiness of the candidates. 

Research shows that a good and credible skill-testing platform proves to be one of the top predictors of employee productivity. 

      5. Escalate the Hiring Process 

Online recruitment platform helps you automate the candidate mapping and screening processes. And thus, it removes administrative hassles and assesses the candidates for on-the-job skills. This automated screening process helps reduce the time and costs of the overall hiring process. 

With no additional hassles involved in candidate testing, recruiters can use the spare time on interviewing qualified candidates and find the best ones from the qualified ones. 

To Wrap Up 

Are you convinced of the way an ATS platform helps your business in the long run? If so, then without any further ado, start looking for a leading applicant tracking system and use it for tech hiring. Skillsz offers a vast collection of assessment tests, including PHP skill tests, Laravel tests, MySQL tests, and more. Besides, it is simple to create jobs and assess candidates with Skillsz. To get the benefits of this tool, sign up and start a 14-day FREE TRIAL today!