How can an SMS campaign push sales in the fashion industry?

Many fashion brands go with social media ads or email to try their luck in consumer engagement and retention and cautiously step to conversational text messaging. With 98% of open rates, there is no reason why we can’t look into SMS marketing. However, every online store needs to go with trends, or else it can be tough to compete in the market. With that note, let’s find how SMS campaigns enhance sales for the fashion industry. 

Reasons why SMS marketing campaigns better for the fashion industry 

  1. It Enhances The Ordering Experience

As shopping online is a huge experience, most people can be worried about whether the purchase can arrive on time or not. It is a vital aspect of getting consumers back again to the store, even fashion brands. Using SMS technology in marketing can help in that greatly.

A simple SMS delivery update about the customer’s order can be quite effective. They are sending constant SMS about the order right from when it’s been in the warehouse or on the way till the delivery finishes and can cement a brand in the consumer’s mind. Confirmation messages, like after and before they paid for the order, bring good positivity to the consumer experience.

Through SMS campaigns, you can always connect with consumers. A well-planned fashion SMS marketing campaign allows people to connect to the brand, motivating customers’ loyalty and connecting to the customers via SMS. Text Messaging is the best way to strengthen the customer experience and pick your brand over others. Sending the website links, a simple message or crucial details develops a big relationship with the new consumers.

  1. Messages Get Opened Instantly

Mobile phones these days are considered to be basic technology essential that is capable of getting an SMS. People who get a phone with them easily open the SMS in seconds, making your SMS campaign for a fashion brand reach people and even succeed. Personalizing messages makes them more pleasing, which can be accomplished with the data gathered. You could even enhance order rates and social media likes, site traffic with an SMS Gateway   as SMS is opened in minutes, so you have a great chance to garner leads and conversions. 

  1. A Secured Payment Gateways

Either it’s fashion brands or other people who worry about payments. If the payment method isn’t secured, your consumers aren’t going to return to you. Assess the consumer and secure payment procedure through two-factor authentication, which provides peace and security to the consumer.

  1. Time And regional touch 

Consumers access the permission to get SMS updates from you, which doesn’t mean that they like to get it every time. No one likes to get more promotional SMS. Avoid the sending process and try to segment your user depending on locations if you run a business from offline stores.

Consumers also like brands when brands do business in their language with a linguistic point of view.

If you are targeting a homogenous user, then you need to think about it. Yet, brands seeking to develop themselves locally could provide customers with a valuable and clearer messaging experience.

  1. Can Stay Connected with Consumers 

A relevant SMS is what allows your brand to stay connected with your customers. Providing consumers with a connection via SMS encourages brand loyalty and returns customers to you that way, the brand can improve customer experience.

  1. For Consumer Retention

Consumers like businesses to interact with them in a customized way, especially in the fashion industry. By delivering SMS at the perfect time, your once-off consumers can turn into return consumers.

Loyalty schemes, offers, vouchers, coupons, personalized promotions through SMS are the best ways for retaining consumers. It shows how brands couldn’t forget them even after they bought from you.

  1. On-The-Go Purchasers

Smartphones are always the go-to device for any customer to search for an outlet, brand, and shop. An SMS plays a significant role in on-the-go impulse buys. On-the-go purchasing is very similar to SMS marketing, quick and fast-paced. 

SMS also access marketers to offer an omnichannel consumer experience. As these days customer decisions are quick, they can easily open these well-timed SMS discounts and the notifications of new products.

Tips To Use SMS Marketing Campaigns For The Fashion Industry

An SMS for a marketing campaign could be a real game-changer for any fashion house that is likely to enhance sales. For getting an SMS campaign for the fashion house, you can likely win a targeted audience and succeed. Here are a few reasons why SMS is highly recommended for fashion brands. 

  • Personalizing the SMS can make it more attractive by utilizing the data obtained.
  • You can enhance site traffic and app downloads by offering a shortened URL in the SMS that directs people to a certain page.
  • As we keep the SMS short, it easily resonates directly with audiences who are not eager to wade within the promotional material to attain the promo code or end link. 
  • Help people to know about sales without navigating the website. You can send them an SMS with the link and details to the perfect page.
  • Sending a welcoming SMS or thank you message after consumers signed up for the list can develop a powerful relationship with the new consumers.
  • A right well-timed SMS can convert a targeted audience to a customer.

With high communication and an open rate of SMS, the likelihoods can grow for the fashion business to utilize this strong communication channel for outstanding consumer services and more. Want to know more about it? Contact SMS experts at Guni SMS today.