Mainly concrete finishing tools do not significantly vary from one another in function. But they may differ in their quality and design among different manufacturers all over the world.

Whatever tool you choose to buy or use readily depends on your own construction needs. Also, it majorly depends on the type and characteristics of concrete on which you are going to use them.

So, the following is a precise list of the best accessories required at the final stage of concreting a surface. Read this entire article carefully to understand the use of all tools.

plastering trowels

Best Accessories for Concrete Finishing

1.    Troweling or float blades

An immense variety of blade types is nowadays available for power trowels and floats. All of them are accomplish smooth concrete finishing. However, it is always essential to take some care during the troweling stage prolonged drying time. That it does not burnish your surface at any cost.

2.    Bricklaying tools

They are also sometimes referred to as brickie tools. In general, they are specially designed to enable you to have a solid grip to tackle almost any masonry job. Their handles are very comfortable to hold and work with. Moreover, bricklaying tools enable the contractors to repair or build almost any structure created with either

  • bricks
  • stone
  • concrete blocks and many more

3.    Jointer tool / Groove cutter

Grooving the cemented surface usually helps prevent excess damage and cracking of your concrete surface. That cracking usually occurs due to additional shrinkage that occurs as soon as the concrete dries or starts getting used.

4.    Edger

An edger is a unique concrete finishing tool that is commonly utilized to cut down rough endings of concrete. Resultantly, it provides a smooth finishing of your surface with having rounded exposed concrete edges.

5.    Brooms

One of the most traditional and fine finishing of a surfaced with laid concrete in it is broom finishing. In this process, a broom is usually drawn across the surface of almost dried concrete surface. That is mainly for making the surface slip-resistant and safe to walk. However, the finished look you get at the end will be an extremely artistic pattern with a smooth draw.

6.    Plastering trowels

Such trowels are generally utilized for spreading and scooping concrete, plaster, and many other such materials. Nowadays, there is an extensive range of plastering trowels readily available at different shops in the market. Most of them are made of a flat metal blade and soft handles for ease of handling.

7.    Polishers

Once the concrete surface gets dried thoroughly, the contractor can use a polisher to produce an excellent surface finishing effect. From a slight smoothing of the traction surface to a mirror-like shining effect, anyone can get an aesthetic finish with them.

8.    Grinders

Besides polishing, grinding is also a unique process that can be utilized for concrete aesthetic effects. Like, for example, looking for having a distressed concrete finish. Moreover, grinders are also sometimes used when a surface has unfortunately gotten over-troweled or has captured excessive moisture into it.

9.    Concrete sprayers

These are also some of the best concrete finishing tools. Most concrete sprayers are widely used to spray a wide variety of solutions and chemicals on a concrete surface. Those primarily include top cast, curing agents, forming oils, sealants, and many more

10.  Duct collection systems

During the entire process of polishing, sawing, drilling, or grinding concrete, a lot of dust is created. And under such a dusty environment, it is hard for a contractor to work correctly. A dust collection system is, therefore, a necessity in such times and conditions. This system helps clean the work area and thus safeguards the health of the contractors working on site.