Education holds great importance in everyone’s life and school is the place where parents send their children to get a formal education. And, when it comes to giving the right education to a child, choosing the right school and board is of equal importance.

Now the question is:

  1. How to choose the best school?
  2. Which board is better in terms of overall development of a child?
  3. Which education system is good and what are the important things to consider while picking up the board?

These are some of the questions which every parent may face when it comes to finding the right board and school for their child. Parents put a lot of efforts before finalizing the school. For other details, one may read more about the syllabus and facilities provided on the official website of their chosen school.


Which board is better?

Our Indian education system has two predominant national level boards which are recognized across the country – CBSE and ICSE. Choosing the right board and school will significantly impact the way in which a child develops and pursue their career goals.

And, among these two boards, the ICSE board is gaining huge popularity among parents and students for the number of benefits it offers. What makes the ICSE board better? What are the benefits of choosing ICSE schools and what are the characteristics of the ICSE board which makes them stand apart?

Here are the advantages of choosing ICSE schools over any other board:

  1. Nationally and globally recognized: The best ICSE schools in Mumbai offers a much comprehensive syllabus that is accepted worldwide. They give importance to the overall development and growth of the child. Getting a certificate from ICSE board after 10th exams stand at par with other nationally-recognized boards. It is recognized by many foreign institutions as it is equivalent to high-school examinations in other countries.
  2. Rich, balanced and detailed syllabus: The syllabus at best ICSE school is more elaborated than other boards. It provides a more detailed and in-depth understanding of all the concepts. Rather than focusing on just Mathematics and Science, ICSE board education gives equal importance to arts, humanities and languages. The best ICSE school focus on strengthening the communication skills of the students via intellectual activities like debate competitions, essay writing and more at the state and national level.
  3. Practical knowledge: The structure of the ICSE board curriculum requires its students to look beyond their books. They focus on hands-on-experience to help students get a practical insight into all the concepts which they have learnt during their theoretical sessions. Weightage is given to project work, research and assessments.
  4. World-class facilities: The best schools recognized by ICSE board offer best-in-class infrastructure facilities to students which prepare then well for a bright future. These schools have smart classrooms equipped with all the latest and modern technology. The labs are equipped with the latest systems assuring an elevated standard of education.

Choosing the right education board plays an important role in the better future of the child. ICSE curriculum is better as it focuses on the concepts and prepares students for future challenges. If you have decided to choose the ICSE school for your child, it’s better to visit the website of such schools to make an informed decision.