Gmail is one of the most popular and widely renowned emailing services. Its exclusive features and filters along with a great user interface which makes it a great platform for people to send and receive emails.

Apart from the perks, the email platform also has its fair share of problems. Gmail is not working has become one of the common sights in this world. One of the more common errors that usually occur is the SMTP error. It is not a severe error but it causes severe trouble to the users.

You can easily fix this error with some simple ways as in today’s blog we will be discussing some of the ways that you can use to fix this error. But before we begin let us look at the setup process of the SMTP settings of Gmail.

How to setup Gmail SMTP settings?

  • SMTP username: enter your Gmail address
  • SMTP password: type in your correct Gmail password
  • SMTP server addresses:
  • Gmail SMTP port: fill out 587 in this field
  • SMTP port: fill out 465 in this field
  • SMTP TLS/SSL required: you have to tick yes for this field

Steps to fix Gmail SMTP not Working Error

  1. Enable IMAP- All you need to do is to visit the Gmail settings and select the IMAP option with ease.
  2. Allow permission to less sure apps- You need to visit this link, to allow less secure applications to have access to your account.
  3. Unlock other applications- Unlock other apps by visiting this link, Keep in mind that this won't work in case you use a two-step verification process.

These steps may help you in fixing this SMTP error.

For more info, you may need to contact the Google help center. You can also try visiting the website for answers to your queries.