If you asked 100 people how oven cleaners work, the majority wouldn’t have a clue. All they know is they spray something inside a dirty oven, close the door, and in a few hours, they can wipe debris and grime away. While thats true, a lot more goes into the products that come from an oven cleaner manufacturer.

A product from an oven cleaning chemicals manufacturer in Ontario and other cities in Canada has a certain pH level. Not only is that what makes the cleaner caustic – or corroding – but it is also what makes it effective. The thing to understand is that the pH level determines how alkaline, acidic, or neutral a cleaner is.

Using a pH range between 0 and 14 along with a neutral level of 7, heres how it looks. Alkaline products cut through organic substances such as grease, grime, protein, and oil. Acids are effective in cleaning minerals such as calcium and rust.

  • pH less than 7 – The oven cleaner is acidic
  • pH greater than 7 – The oven cleaner is alkaline

The pH level of a product will vary from one oven cleaning chemicals manufacturer in Ontario and across Canada to another. So, its essential to pay attention when purchasing a product like this. While its true that a higher pH level equates to more cleaning power, thats also what makes the product potentially more dangerous.

Outstanding Alternatives

Even with a low pH level, every oven cleaner manufacturer puts a warning label on its products. This is the information needed especially for consumers with young children or pets in the home. Even if exposed to the skin for a few seconds, a harsh cleaner can cause severe burns.

Of course, accidentally swallowing an oven cleaner creates a dire situation that requires immediate medical care. This usually leads to burning on the lips and inside the mouth, and down the throat. The cleaner can also cause damage to the digestive tract. 

The good news is that if you are asking if there is an oven cleaner manufacturer near me,” you will find a knowledgeable one with some unique products worth considering.

This manufacturer does something unique by customizing products for its private-label customers. That means it can adjust an oven cleaner’s pH level, viscosity, colour, and fragrance. As a result, end-users will have a product that works amazingly well without significant risk.

Also, by choosing a product from this oven cleaner manufacturer, you’ll have something unique to offer to the public. The cleaner will get the job done but without the nasty chemical odours. So, by using an effective product with less risk and a pleasant fragrance, people probably wont dread cleaning their ovens anymore.

Find Out More About This Incredible Option

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The Good and Bad About Oven Cleaners

For an oven cleaner to remove stuck-on food, it has a certain pH level. The challenge is that the higher the level, the more acidic the product. A respected oven cleaner manufacturer explained that a cleaner with a high pH level would burn the skin and, if swallowed, cause internal damage. This is why manufacturers include warning labels.

You can have your question, is there a quality oven cleaner manufacturer near me” answered with a specific oven cleaning chemicals manufacturer in Ontario. The company understands the dangers of oven cleaners, so it came up with a unique idea. Rather than make all oven cleaners the same, it customizes its products. Ultimately, you can have this oven cleaner manufacturer change the pH level, viscosity, colour, and even fragrance.

To give your customers a new experience, contact us at Wilson Chemical. As a leading oven cleaning chemicals manufacturer in Ontario, we like to think outside of the box. Our cleaners get the job done but without so many risks.

Cleaning Ovens the Safer Way

For an oven cleaner to work, it must have a high pH level. However, thats what makes the product caustic and potentially dangerous. One oven cleaner manufacturer customizes products to ensure they work but safely. For your private label products, contact us at Wilson Chemical. As a trusted oven cleaner manufacturer, we‘ll create a product that you will feel proud to put your company name on.