How does junk car removal make money for your junk car?


A junk cars is worth more in pieces than as a whole. These Chicago might give you $150-$300 for your piece of shit car but they could turn around and make $2k, $3k or more off it.Each part can be removed and resold if it’s still in good shape. Especially things like seats, doors, body panels, engine block, transmission, A/C unit, alternators, all the little motors in the doors to raise/lower the window and I could go on and on. Once the car is completely stripped of everything useful then it’s scrapped and the metal is still worth something as well.


Does anybody have any experience with junk car removals?


I do – and its a weird process.

possibility are you could get a little more cash if your car ran well enough to take to a junk yard or Chicago.if your car is done – and doesn’t run, or you don’t have a registration for it to drive it somewhere, you can find a junk car removal person that will give you cash for your junk.

it’s usually done by weight. and they usually just round to a certain number for small cars, or small pick-ups, or sedans.

I think the last car I had someone pick up was a 1994 Nissan Sentra – they gave me 300 dollars cash – but at the time scrap prices were really high, it was a little over 10 years ago I think.

I’d be amazed if you were able to get that much for a small car now.

with the times that I drove a car to a place, one time they gave me an amount because they were going to try to resell it – and that may have been 500 bucks. The other time they were going to scrap it and it was a civic hatchback – I think I got 200 bucks for it.


How can you get a free junk car removal in Chicago?.


I got rid of a junk car a few years ago by donating it to the Liver Foundation. Whether they take it or not depends on how junky it actually is. In my case, it was 20 years old, rusty and there was a knock in the engine. It wasn’t worth it to me to fix it or even pay to have it towed to a junkyard. It was towed away for free and I got a charitable tax receipt for $50, I think it was.


Why is it so hard to find a good junk car removal service?


Maybe because all the companies are pitching the same thing to you and it is hard to know which one is telling the truth.In such cases, I suggest that you do not go after the one that is making you too good to be true. Choose a licensed one and paperwork from the initial stage of the transaction. So you have the legal grounds in case something goes wrong.


How do I find a  junk car removal company in IL?


What type of car removal? Are you trying to repossess a vehicle you sold? Do you want a vehicle towed away that is junk? Or do you have someone just parking in one of your spaces? Please be more specific as to what you want the car removal company to do. Some people also want transport trucks to take their vehicles to Chicago because they do not like the long drive!