Pointers on how to evaluate whether a washing machine’s motor spins fast enough for its price. When buying a new car, people will often first ask what the car’s mileage is. Similarly, a key question that more and more washing machine buyers are asking is related to RPM. A washing machine’s revolutions per minute (RPM) is something that you should be concerned about, just as much as you are concerned about the fully automatic washing machine’s price.

RPM, revolutions per minute, is a number that represents how fast your washing machine motor spins. Now, you think you might have found the most amazing Godrej washing machine or Samsung washing machine for a great deal, but if it cannot dry your clothes efficiently, you’re in for quite a nightmare. In case you don’t know what that nightmare looks like, it’s less about looks and more about the smell.

Your clothes would smell awful — dank and mildew — even after putting them out to dry, when they come out of a washing machine that has been unable to dry them sufficiently. We’re not asking for washing machines to spin out bone-dry clothes but sufficiently wrung out so that with a few hours of sunlight, one has dry, sweet-smelling clothes.

That’s exactly where RPM comes in, and exactly why you should pay heed to how fast your washing machine’s motor spins.

We bet you have several questions, two at the very least:

1) How does one know how much RPM is good at a certain price?
2) How does one find out the RPM of a given model?

We’ve got you covered here. Let’s look at what RPM looks like at various price segments.

Standard washing machines

Our research among washing machine brands available on various e-commerce portals in India has revealed that the basic and standard level washing machines in India come with about 600 to 650 RPM. One of the examples we looked at was the top load Godrej 6kg 5 Star fully automatic washing machine, priced between Rs. 12,000 and Rs. 13,000. This Godrej washing machine comes with 600 RPM.

Medium-priced washing machines

At a marginally higher budget, of say Rs. 17,000, one might get a higher RPM. You can expect 680 to 750 RPM from a washing machine at this price. For example, the top load Whirlpool 7.5kg 5 Star fully automatic washing machine packs in 720 to 740 revolutions per minute.

High-end washing machines

Some washing machines come with 1000 RPM and 1200 RPM. You can even get washing machines that offer an astounding 1500 RPM. Let’s look at the example of an LG 7kg model. This front load washing machine comes with 1400 RPM. The price of this washing machine hovers around Rs. 30,000.

It’s not a front-loading washing machine perk either. The LG 8kg 5 Star inverter Wi-Fi fully automatic front loading washing machine, priced at nearly Rs. 40,000, does even better, with 1400 RPM.

Now for your next question; how does one find out the RPM of a given washing machine? There are several easy ways. Some brands mention it in the name of the model itself. The best way is to go through the specs of the washing machine and check for headers like revolutions per minute, spin speed, and maximum spin speed.

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