A decade back, B.Com used to be a regular graduation degree with some conventional career options. Nowadays due to the expansion of financial bodies and their activities, this degree helps you land booming career options. In fact, some premier universities offer a Bachelor of Commerce degree with specializations aligned with the industry-centric approach. Some of the popular specializations are:

  • Com (Hons.) in Blockchain & Financial Technologies
  • Com (Hons.) in Forensic Accounting & Fraud
  • Com (Hons.) in Banking & Insurance
  • Com (Hons.) in Derivative & Risk Management

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, the banking & financial services have shifted to a new paradigm. Hence, the B.Com subjects are also modified in sync with this industrial shift. Now, B.Com is not just a regular course; it’s now a professional degree that unlocks numerous career options. You just need to prepare yourself with a right B.Com degree at a good college.

Top 5 Career Options Available after B.Com


Accounting is the most conventional career options for B.Com grads. However, the face of accounting has changed with the advent of software like Tally and many others. Hence, candidates seeking career in accounting should be good at operating computers and utilizing the accounting software.

Taxation and Auditing

Taxation and auditing is yet again a traditional profession but it has also changed in the age of digitization. So, apart from learning the taxation & auditing principles, students pursuing B.Com should also be good at employing the digital technologies.


The banking will not remain the same post the disruptions created by COVID-19. Banks also had to switch to ‘work from home’ model and for providing the seamless services to their customers, they had to make the proper arrangements. The retail banking sector has also boomed amind Coronavirus spread. Hence, banking is a promising sector.


The devastation created by COVID has instilled all of us with fear. In order to confirm financial security for our families, most of the population is insured now. The insurance sector is on its ever boom. In such a context, it will definitely produce a sea of opportunities for the B.Com graduates.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting employs auditing, investigative, and accounting, skills to conduct an assessment into the individual or business finances. Forensic accounting is more often employed in fraudulent and property embezzlement cases to define the nature of a finance-related crime in court. It’s a rewarding field for commerce graduate to nurture their career.

Financial Risk Management

Every investor, be it an individual or a company, has a number of queries and doubts before making any investment. The job of a financial risk management expert is to mitigate all the risk and threats and make the  financial investment moderately risky. Commerce graduates are mostly preferred doing this job.

The ‘Wrap Up’

This is how the emerging paradigms in banking and finance have been creating fresh opportunities for the commerce graduates. You just need to choose the right course and a good college- you are good to go and undertake any responsibility.