I got scammed and got an email from the cash app this morning stating that I am not getting my cash app money back. Teased me but what am I to do? I made a plan and got the scammer to return the money I had stolen. I’ll break it down.

I bought some items for $ 570. When I got the tracking number I was directed to a site to check it out. It said the package was close but I had to pay $ 350 for insurance. But of course, I could not pay UPS directly, just trust the scammer and send him the money and he will pay for it. I knew that I was scammed immediately. The website was fake BTW. A check of the source code showed just one site they had created themselves and using the tracking number I was able to find 10 more tracking numbers and all of them had an insurance hold. Going back a few years.


Anyway, how did I get my cash app money back? I told her that I called UPS and they couldn’t find her because “it was my responsibility to pay the insurance and she shouldn’t have to do extra work when I can pay it over the phone” This was just the beginning.


So we are talking this morning and I am “worse than the man that the package was on hold. My business partner wants to place another order, but not until he sees the first order, or at least receives a refund for this does. “That was his interest. I told him that it is a shame because if the package arrived today I was going to order another today and gave him a list. The total is equal to $ 8,000. That is going to her. He told me that he would refund me the money to start his second order and if my package was released, or they found that the remaining amount would be added to future orders.


10 minutes later I got back every penny. I stopped him on everything including the cash app. I think if they don’t give me back my cash app money on that scam then they will turn it upside down. So now I just used greed and cash app of an inability to do anything to turn the tables on a scammer.


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