Ethernet cables are available in a wide variety of ranges. But does that mean it becomes simple to find the best one? Certainly not. That is because one gets so many types to explore out there. Moreover, many people have this question in mind, How is Cat6 Marked As Plenum-Rated?

Well, it is rated as a plenum for a number of reasons. So instead of just figuring out, it is best to find out the answer to this query. If you also want to know that, congrats! You are at the right place. In this post, you will get to know about it. What are different ratings for network cables?

For every Ethernet cable out there, there is a defined rating for it. For instance, the cat6 plenum is one cable type. So here it is defined that it is a cat6 cable, but what about that plenum word? That’s basically the rating of its cable jacket.

As we just spoke above, basically, the plenum is the type of cable jacket. This jacket keeps the internal components of the cable, such as its wire gauge and UTP pairs, protected from outside factors such as humidity and temperature. Benefits of cable jacketing

Here are some of the AC common benefits of a cable jacket

  • It keeps your network cable safe from outside temperature
  • You can install Ethernet cables at different places and lengths because of their jacket

Plenum jacket is also fire0retardant; hence, a safe add-on

Why Go with Cat6 Plenum Cable?

Let’s be honest here. It is the cat6 1000ft cable that is being used in almost every space out there. Whether you observe a residential property or a commercial one, you will find these cables almost everywhere. So, definitely, there would be some benefits! Anyhow, for your ease, we have discussed some of its common benefits.

1: Reliable Connection

No user wants a sluggish network connection at his place. Therefore, they opt for category 6 plenum cables. As they perform great even in outdoor conditions.

2: A Safe Cable

Yes, category 6 cables are rated as one of the safest cables for forming a local area network system. This is because it comes with a special fire-retardant coating that keeps it nice and secure for the most part. In addition, it emits non-toxic fumes to help you manage a hazardous situation.

3: Enhanced Wire Gauge

The wire gauge of network cables helps you determine how strong the conductor of a cable is. Fortunately, you are all covered when we talk about cat6 plenum 1000ft of the Ethernet cables. As the wire gauge is 23 American wire gauge or AWG.

Final words:

Now, you know, how is Cat6 Marked As Plenum-Rated? See, it’s the fireproof plenum coating that makes these cables so special. If you have a budget, you should definitely go with this cable option. It won’t disappoint you with its performance.