Almost every Dubai home or villa is equipped with insect screens for doors and windows to ensure that there is no entry of bugs and insects. It’s a very common accessory in Dubai and many other cities of the UAE. Many homeowners in Dubai are now replacing the old flimsy mesh in their fly screens and mosquito net for windows with a modern stainless-steel, powder-coated mesh. Currently, the powder-coated modern stainless-steel mesh is the talk of the town and it is being used by new builders as well the old homeowners. Let’s discuss more its specialties and why is it becoming a hot favourite with residents of UAE.

How these modern meshes are manufactured

After many years of development, the latest safety screens are designed with years of trial, testing and feedback of the users. The main feature which is updated in these screens is the use of stainless steel and powder coating so the mesh is strong and survives in the harsh UAE weather and extreme heat. In contrast, those flimsy fiberglass roll-up screens that have been used for so many years simply don’t last.

These safety screens do not possess any kind of fixing which involves low-quality screws or any kind of metal-to-metal contact when they are installed in the aluminium frame. This patent fixing technology thus prevents rusting and reduces the chances of corrosion.

Each strand of the mesh is a high tensile 0.8mm stainless-steel wire that is weaved together during the construction process to provide an unmatched level of strength. However, after weaving, each stainless-steel wire is powder-coated to prevent rusting and to last longer in the harsh environment of the UAE. Also, each strand is tested individually to match the international standards before weaving them into a high tensile stainless-steel mesh.

Each mesh is then secured within a customised aluminium frame without the use of screws or anything like metal-to-metal contact. When these screens are installed in a door or window, the aluminium frames are again secured by another aluminium frame depending on the type of safety screen required, to ensure a completely secure system.

All the windows and doors which are equipped with modern stainless-steel screens are fitted with a 3-point lock system. This ensures ease of usage; engaging and disengaging happen easily with a single action. Each safety screen meets the tough Australian standards which are required in the harsh weather of UAE for fly screen doors and windows.

What does it take to meet the Australian standards

The material with which the wires are made is the tested against industry standards, is high tensile and corrosion-resistant. Each sheet of mesh is powder-coated to Australian standards (AS 3715-2002) & American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA 2603). The U.S and Australian standard sets up a testing process and specify performance needs for thermo-set powder coating, meant specially for architectural purposes. The screws which are used for fixing up the aluminium frames and meshes are also not ordinary screw but they are made up of 316 or grade stainless steel and are completely corrosion resistant.

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