Any inexperienced sports club or landscaper, or landscaper who wants to solve the problem of building artificial turf sports fields should pay close attention. Due to poor planning, inappropriate products, or improper installation of the new sports floor, the cost of building the stadium will soon spiral out of control.

To ensure that creating your new artificial grass court is not complicated and within the planned time frame, from the initial idea to the first game, we have compiled some essential points to help you develop the best for the new court plan. Soccer field construction company creates these all plans. This article is particularly relevant because it also contains helpful advice from expert planners specializing in building sports facilities.

From Idea To Finished Site: How Long Does It Take To Build A Sports Field?

Based on the experience of experts, it usually takes two to three years until all preliminary discussions, pre-planning, legal construction basis, construction application, financing.etc. End up. The actual construction of the artificial meadow only takes about three months.

Due to climatic conditions in northern and central Europe, construction will occur between April and November; by then, it can be guaranteed that the ground will be frost-free, and construction progress will be rapid. First of all, everyone should understand their respective countries’ relevant laws and regulations and the appropriate sports field construction regulations. You exemplify the legal situation in Germany.

Geological Soil Survey

Lack of prior or insufficient ground investigation can lead to high additional costs or delays. Therefore, it is necessary to clarify the subsoil condition utilizing an appropriate investigation report in advance. In addition to other factors, the composition and formation of various types of soil, bearing capacity, water permeability, freezing behavior of the subsoil, groundwater level, etc., are also considered.

Suppose artificial grass is to be provided for future sports fields. In that case, the substrate must have a higher load capacity than natural grass, among other factors to consider if the soil research has no restrictions on the construction of the sports field, the actual plan for the installation, page 10. For example, artificial turf court, you can start.

Construction of Sports Fields-The Best Layout of Sports Fields

When planning sports facilities, the layout of sports fields must be considered. The German Football Association (DFB) recommends aligning the “large” sports field (standard football field) with its longitudinal axis in the north-south, north-west/southeast direction. This provides the advantage that athletes and spectators will not be dazzled by the sun, especially at the end of the day.

Final Words

Proper planning of sports field construction projects using artificial grass. If you want to enjoy the new artificial turf as long as possible, the most important thing is to obtain an experienced professional planner in landscaping/sports facilities construction. Equally important are solid financing, the start-up of a reliable soccer field construction company, and suitable quality products from well-known manufacturers.