When I first heard about Instagram, I was initially attracted by its simplistic layout – the list of friends and their images. The simplicity also appeals to some users as it allows you to quickly scroll through your own followers’ updates to see who has the most interesting ones. However, the platform has grown so much since then that it’s starting to get a little confusing if you’re trying to figure out how to use it to increase your Internet marketing business. So how do you get more Facebook fans, Twitter followers, and Instagram followers to your profile? Well, let me give you three tips that are sure to help!

Learn how to maximize your images

It’s essential to have quality images on your profile. This will help you gain more Instagram followers because they will click on your image when they visit your page. People will want to see quality content from people they care about, so be sure to put out high-quality photos that have an attractive range in them.

Active on your account

Don’t just post random links to your product site or homepage every once in a while. Make sure you engage your followers in a conversation. Answer their questions, comment on their comments, and encourage them to tag their friends in their posts. These will all help you to grow a more extensive and more trusted fan base.

Make sure you keep your content up to date

A lot of people who are new to social media aren’t careful with what they share. They think that because they’ve tagged someone in their post that their content is important. It isn’t. To learn how to gain more Instagram followers for your profile by regularly posting fresh and valuable content. Don’t just make sure your content is excellent. It would help if you went out of your way to encourage people to share it. You can do this by re-tweeting other people’s posts and adding the link to your posts. Include links in your body to your page or your blog. This will get your page noticed even more.

Keep your pictures recent

Don’t post old, drab images of you posing at a coffee shop. Try and post photos of you doing things you’re passionate about. That way, your followers will think that you’re that interesting of a person, not just another Instagrammers putting out a bunch of pictures they took at random times.

Page appealing to Visitors

Make sure that your page looks friendly and appealing to visitors. Please clean up your page, make it easy to navigate, and make it enjoyable to look at. If you have an interesting photo, it may encourage people to click on it and check it out. To learn how to gain more Instagram followers for your profile by making your page a friendly and inviting environment. There are many more tips for ensuring that you strategically use this social networking platform. Follow these simple guidelines, and you’ll find that more people will start following you. It won’t be long before people from all over the world start following you on Instagram.

Valuable Tips

Once you’ve got them on board, try to keep up with their interests. Offer valuable tips and tutorials, and constantly be posting your content to your page. This will get other people to follow you as well. When you have an exciting post, make sure you edit it so that people can read about the latest news. Also, always add your website link so that readers can visit yours and see what kind of content you provide there. You’ll soon get many people following you who are interested in your products and website.

Interacting with Followers

Once you have established a strong following, it’s time to start interacting with these followers. Offer them free advice, give away freebies, and most importantly, make your followers feel important. You can do this by leaving comments on their posts and telling them that you want to help them out. The more helpful you are, the more people will like your page and tag you in their posts to show others that they’re not the only ones following your page.


Finally, make your page visually appealing so that people will want to come and visit. The best way to do this is to arrange your posts and pages in a coherent order. At the top of the page, put your recent images or positions according to your preferred sequence. Use a sidebar navigation bar to move from one post to the next quickly. The good idea is to place the menu bar on the far right-hand side of the page.