There is no standard way to own physical gold or acquire ingots – whether you buy gold you have a variety of options and payment methods – You can pay by cash cheque, bank transfer, or PayPal transfer for your silver or gold ingot product.

Anyone who buys gold bars Canada as an investment should buy a bar that shows the name of the manufacturer, its weight, and purity expressed as a 99.99 dollar mark on the face.

These coins are attractively designed, contain small amounts of gold and cost very little due to their numismatic value.

The most effective way to avoid a premium is to buy gold bars as opposed to coins. It does not cost the same amount to buy a 1-kilo bar as 10x 100-gram gold bars for exactly the same reason. If you plan to keep your gold for a long time, bigger bars are advisable, but remember that the bigger the bar, the harder it will be to resell it.

Canadian consumers and collectors have various types of gold bars available. offers a full range of gold coins and bars to meet their investment needs, including generic 1-ounce gold bars and kilogram gold bars.

There are also government-issued coins and units produced and distributed that are the official gold bullion coins of the country.

Canadians love to invest in precious metals, and Bullion International sells gold bars struck. The sale of bars is tax and investor-friendly, and the company has a large international clientele.

The Canadian government produces gold bars in the form of gold kilobars, gold caps, and gold bars. Like bullion coins, gold products from the Canadian Mint have the same quality and quantity of gold, the same purity (99.99 percent 24-carat gold) and are printed with the official authenticity stamp. Other types of gold bars in Canada are manufactured by individuals or at mints of companies or imported from international sources to Canada.

If you are interested in buying from an Aubullion, speak to his representative to find out about your options and to ensure that your investment is accompanied by a safe way to store your precious metals.

There are a number of gold dealers in Canada and the location of these dealers can affect your decision if you plan to buy gold in person.

Many online retailers offer you the ability to buy gold bars over the Internet instead of using specialist dealers or gold exchanges. If you learn how to buy physical gold and silver in Canada and learn how to acquire a smarter portfolio, you can save money and time.

There are several ways to buy physical gold that might be suitable for you. Some of them are cheaper within a specific timeframe below, but I will present the best methods for buying physical gold in Canada.

The gold standard is how the precious metal industry has always worked – it has proved its worth and gold bars have been traded for centuries using various methods – investment grade gold is defined as gold with a purity of 99.5% or more and our gold coins depending on the gold price of the market derived from financial markets.