If you are looking for a guide to change the theory test for your driving license, then you are at the right place. Today I’ll share the proper guide with you to change theory test dates. The theory test is the second step toward your driving license. Submitting your request on Dvla for your driving test is the first step, and then they will notify you about the date of the test. Most of the time, the DVLA will give 6-7 weeks for giving the theory test, but sometimes the time may increase to 8 weeks. This depends on the situation of the country. Like when the coronavirus appears, a lot of people have been affected due to this virus. The DVLA closes all the centres and apologizes for taking the tests. After that situation, when they reopen the centres, they start giving the dates of 3 months away to perform the theory tests. Because when they open the centres again to take the tests, many people start submitting their names to perform the tests. In that situation, the government has to take action, and also it’s very necessary to follow the SOPs. By keeping all these situations in mind, the government orders Dvsa and Dvla to take the tests by following all the precautions to avoid coronavirus cases. 

Why Would Candidates Change Theory Test Dates:

Many situations force the candidates to change theory test dates. Sometimes the candidate may be fully prepared and ready to perform the test, but he/she has to wait because the Dvla gives them the time of 2 months to wait for it. In this situation, some candidates start looking for theory test cancellations to change theory test dates. Finding cancellation is the only way to change the theory test dates. There is another method, but you have to give a lot of effort to prove it. So finding cancellations and booking them is the only method we consider here.

Sometimes it happens that a candidate is not ready to perform the test. It’s good to find a cancellation to expand the theory test and appear in the examination hall and face failure. Remember, if you fail your test, you have to rebook it, and then you have to pay the fee again after submitting the request. So it’s better to find a cancellation and book it. This will postpone your exam to another date, and then you will have enough time to prepare for your theory test. 

Now the question is, how to find the driving test cancellation easily? The answer is really simple, I suggest you get the help of Theory Bot.

Theory Bot

How Theory Bot Will Find The Cancellation:

Theory Bot is the best theory test cancellation checker on the internet. I have the personal experience of using the services of Theory Bot. They have automation bots to find the cancellations on DVLA’s website. Those bots refresh and scan the website after every 5 seconds, and whenever they get a cancellation, they will book it for their customers. If you want to change theory test dates and find a cancellation, I highly recommend you to visit Theory Bots once.