As you may already know, the top IGCSE schools in Pune are open for admission. For many parents, this is a time of confusion as there are so many schools boasting of being the best school. So how does one choose the right school for the child? In this article, we bring you the steps that you can follow that will help you to choose the best school for your child –

  1. Make a list of top schools

Firstly the most important thing is that to narrow down your search and to list 5–7 schools that you want your child to get admission in. You can visit the website of different schools and note down the names of schools that catch your interest.

  1. Compare the infrastructure and quality of education

After making a list, now it is our turn to compare each school with other schools. The first thing that you should look into by looking for schools is the quality of education that schools are providing to the students. For this, make sure to look at the brochure and understand all the activities and technologies the school is using to educate the child. The other important aspect that you want to look at is the infrastructure of the school. The bigger the infrastructure means the more convenient it would be for a child to focus on education and not worry about other things.

  1. Check the course fee

The best school doesn’t have to be very expensive. No doubt that the schools that provide quality education ask for a bit high admission fees from the students as they are spending a lot on providing facilities and education to the children but you have to be careful and compare the school fee of different schools. A very high fee won’t necessarily mean quality education for your child. So use the internet and check out the reviews from real students and parents who have given the feedback to the schools.

  1. Maximum exposure

Choose a school that can provide maximum exposure to your child. This means that students coming from different backgrounds as your child classmate will be good exposure for the child about different cultures and human behaviors. Also, the school activities should be designed in such a way that a student learns practically rather than just focusing on the theoretical part from the books. A good school will always take care that the student is learning about the life lessons along with the regular education.

  1. Overall development of the child

The best school will ensure that the child is not just good in syllabus subjects but is focusing on the overall development of his or her personality and life. The extracurricular activities and games organized by schools will increase the child’s participation and he or she will be able to export lower his talent and qualities. So look for the schools that provide the overall relevance of the child.

If you are able to find a school that has all the above-mentioned features, then do not hesitate to apply now as the admissions of good schools close soon because too many people wanting to apply to the schools.