Your engagement ring is the most important piece of jewelry that you can have, not only in sentiment but in investment as well. This is why taking care of your ring and maintaining it should be your top priority, after all, you’ve spent years dreaming about the perfect ring.


There are a few tips you need to keep in mind when taking care of your piece, from avoiding harsh chemicals and household cleaners to storing it in a safe and dry place. Here is a couple of them.


Invest in ring insurance

Getting ring insurance from reputed and reliable Cranberry PA jewelers is crucial to protect your financial investment in case your ring gets stolen, lost, damaged, or more. If this happens your jeweler will replace the piece for you without you having to pay the original cost of the ring. It’s also good to get your jewelry appraised every couple of years as the prices of gemstones and metals increase and you need to stay up-to-date with your insurance.


Avoid touching the center stone

An engagement ring with a custom jewelry design in Pittsburgh is a magnet for dust and dirt. This along with gemstones like diamonds tend to collect body oils, product buildups, and more when you keep touching the stone. This can cause your gemstone to look cloudy, hazy, and lose its shine. To prevent this from happening always grab the ring by the side metal band when you’re trying to take it off and put it on again.


Don’t put your ring through unnecessary wear and tear

Your diamond may be one of the hardest natural materials but that doesn’t mean that it can’t chip. If you wear your ring trekking, swimming, during sports, rough activities, or even knock it hard against the side of a table or other materials it can chip or break. The best way to care for your ring is to only wear it to work, out with your friends, and for special occasions. Store it safely at home if you need to go out for any activities.


In conlusion

When it comes down to maintenance, it’s crucial to schedule appointments with your professional at a jewelry store in Pittsburgh. They can repair your ring, tighten the prongs, shine your gemstone and ensure that your ring is well-maintained for years to come.