Nowadays an e-commerce platform that is the best is Magento. It will create an online marketplace for you. In order to know the success of e-commerce platforms, see eBay and Amazon which are the two popular platforms. A lot of individuals are trying to get benefits from the e-commerce industry and they want to become popular also. Using Magento for creating a marketplace can be time-consuming as well as difficult for them. Now I am going to show you how to create your online marketplace with Magento.

There are two ways of developing an e-commerce platform:

  • You can use ROR, Python or PHP to build it from scratch.
  • You can also create it by using WordPress, Shopify and Magento which are the platforms of e-commerce of open-source type.

There are a number of advantages of these two methods. However, you have to spend a lot of money and time if you want to start from scratch. So, using an e-commerce platform that is open source is a good idea.

5 plugins that will create an online marketplace with Magento are:

1.Magento 2 Advance Testimonials Extension – This plugin helps in convincing your site users to buy services and products from your store with the help of testimonials. Every user can have an experience that is user-friendly with the help of this plugin. For uploading the images, permission is given to the admin by an extension known as Magento 2. The Marketplace called Advanced Testimonials offers some features which are as follows:

  • It helps in creating content that is attractive.
  • It provides so many options for configuration.
  • Installing and managing it is very easy.
  • On the testimonial form, it enables reCaptcha.

2.WebKul Marketplace Multi Vendor Module – Here multiple sellers are supported by your store that you run online. On your site’s front end a seller portal is provided to each of these sellers. The different sellers can get reviews and ratings from the customers here. Adding a lot of items, using logo and shop banner, and customizing and managing the profile is possible for the sellers here. WebKul Marketplace offers a number of features which are as follows:

  • It generates URL automatically on the basis of the profile of the seller.
  • It has a page for registering the seller separately.
  • Adding Cross-Sell items, Up-Sell items and Related items are possible for the seller.
  • There is a limit on the purchase of items.
  • The approval of order is given by the admin.

3.Rocket Bazaar Magento 2 marketplace solution – Creating a marketplace website is possible for the owners of the marketplace with the help of a solution that is ready-made, end-to-end, next-gen and robust and its name is Rocket Bazaar Magento 2 marketplace solution. Here one platform is used for selling the products by multiple vendors. From different sellers, the customers can purchase the products. This plugin offers various features:

  • Management of safety and trust.
  • Advanced reports and dashboard.
  • Provides management of conversion and promotions.
  • Integration of the third party.
  • Management of customer care.
  • Management of vendor.

4.Vnecoms Marketplace Magento 2 Extension – For managing shipments, invoices, orders, sales and products, a panel is separately given to the sellers here. By using Magento 2 marketplace, your storefront can be customized. To support the product types of the largest variety, an option exists in this plugin. This plugin offers various features:

  • It helps in managing the transactions.
  • It helps in managing the vendors easily.
  • It helps in managing the production of the vendor.
  • It gets commission rates from each individual group.
  • For each order placed, it gets customer ratings and reviews.

5.Apptha Multi-Vendor Extension – There are a lot of features of this plugin. It can manage subscriptions that are annual or monthly and can set the rates of global commission by using its features of increasing the sales. Colors of five types and themes of two types are used in the design of this plugin. This plugin offers various features:

  • It is friendly with social media.
  • It calculates the commission easily.
  • It has a URL that is SEO-friendly.
  • Shoppers can use a feature for comparing the product.

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