An effective content strategy is the planning, preparation and delivery of content that is relevant and can allure your targeted customers in all communication channels. When you get the right message content to the right prospective customer at the right time, you will certainly achieve your desired goals. But according to the research of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs, nearly 68% of businesses don’t have a proper content marketing strategy. To learn more about content strategy and how to create useful content for your business, you must enrol on the latest digital marketing course in ahmedabad. Here also we are going to discuss what is a content strategy and what factors should you consider before creating a robust content strategy.

What is content strategy?

The content strategy aims for the creation and publication of relevant content. The content strategist ensures that they highlight what the content will be about and why they need to publish it. These days, 70% of online marketers are investing in content marketing. To compete in your industry, you should employ a good content marketing strategy.

When you are planning to develop a content strategy, you should consider certain questions.

  1.     Who will be reading your content?

Who will be the target audience for your content? If your businesses have more than one type of customer, you should create a content strategy that can cater to more than one type of reader or viewer. Using a variety of content types and channels, you can deliver different content to each type of your customers.

  1.     What problems are you solving for your customers?

Choose a product/service that can solve the problems of your audience which they are facing. Like the same, your content trains and educates your customers through this problem as they begin to identify and address it.

  1.     What makes you unique?

Your products may have many resemblances with your contenders’ products. This means your potential customers should know what makes your products different. Here content enters into the scenario. To prove your worth, you need to prove why you’re worth listening to.

  1.     Which format of content should you take?

Infographics or videos or blog posts which format you should consider to publish your content. After selecting the topics, you need to consider the format that will match up with your budget.

  1.     What channels are you going to publish on?

You also need to consider the channels where you want to publish your content so that it can gain more attention from your customers. Channels may include owned properties, like your website and blog; and social media properties, like Facebook and Twitter.

  1.     How will you manage content creation and publication?

Creating and publishing all your content is a daunting task. To make an effective content strategy, you should know who is creating what, where it’s being published, and when it will be going live.

Why do marketers need to create a content strategy?

Content marketing helps businesses to create and prepare steadfast and cost-effective sources of website traffic and new leads. If you can create just one blog post that acquires a steady amount of organic traffic, then it will be beneficial for your business.

How to create a content marketing strategy?

  1.     Define your goal

Why do you want to create content and employ a content marketing plan? Identify your goals so that you can create an effective content marketing strategy for your business.

  1.     Conduct research

Before creating a successful content strategy plan, you need to clearly define your target audience. This is especially important for novice marketers. By knowing their target audience, they can produce more relevant and useful content.

  1.     Run a content audit

If you are running a business for some time, review your content marketing efforts and the results you got last year by conducting a content audit. Figure out new approaches to make your content strategy more effective and alluring.

  1.     Choose a content management system

Choose a content management system where you can create, manage, and track your content. With HubSpot CMS, you can plan, produce, publish, and measure your results under one roof. WordPress is another popular CMS.

  1.     Determine which types of content you want to create

There are a plethora of options for content that you can create. Choose the best suitable content format and produce content to entice your customers.

  1.     Publish and manage your content

Once you have content in your hand, now, publish them on your blog and social media channels at a regular interval. Try to post and update the content regularly as it will also improve your SEO ranking.

 Types of content marketing

  •       Blog posts (recommended length of the blog post is 1200-2000, but you can experiment to see if your audience prefers longer or shorter blogs)
  •       Ebooks (customers may download after submitting a lead form)
  •       Case studies (Here you can tell the story of a customer who succeeded in solving a problem by working with you)
  •       Templates (ideal for lead generation)
  •       Infographics (can organize and visualize data in a more fascinating way than words alone)
  •       Videos (is a highly engaging content medium)
  •       Podcasts (help your customers in finding our brand if they don’t have time to read your content every day)
  •       Social media (by posting on various social media channels you can amplify your brand’s reach and milage)

Now, you have adequate knowledge regarding how to create a content strategy for your online business.

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