The mobile application Duolingo, a language-learning app from the United States, was first introduced in 2011. The app can be used for both language translation and language learning. Duolingo is one of the top language learning platforms and eLearning apps in the world today, with turnovers exceeding $700 million. In addition, it became the first EdTech service to earn more than $140 million in a single year.

What’s the best reason to build a language app like Duolingo

Foreign language apps look to be a growing industry. During 2019-2023, the foreign language apps market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 18%. By 2027, it is projected to cross USD 25.73 billion. 

Foreign language apps secure the preference of individuals who want to brush up on their skills due to their easy accessibility and comfort. 

Language learning will be enhanced with AI-controlled chatbots. Many foreign language apps offer helpful information about extinct languages like Esperanto, Welsh, and Gaelic.

Furthermore, the impact of social media coupled with knowledge of at least one foreign language makes the use of foreign language apps more appealing. It is, therefore, apparent that Duolingo and other mobile apps for e-learning are perfect for the present time.

A great opportunity exists for those who invest in e-learning. To create an e-learning app such as Duolingo, it is always wise to consult a company that specializes in mobile app development for e-learning.

To create a Duolingo app, there are several things you need to consider.

Convenient format

Allow your users to choose the most optimal method for learning a language, as Duolingo does. By making your content in a wide variety of formats (video, text, audio, pictures, etc. ), you will be able to meet as many users’ needs as possible.

Integration of social networks

User data can be integrated from social networks (such as Facebook) to simplify the registration process. Users won’t waste time answering questions about their names, locations, ages, etc.


There is a historical association with training being boring – although training should not be boring! Using mobile apps for language learning has long become like playing an exciting game, complete with bonuses, achievements, competitions, and rewards. Create your own Duolingo clone app and incorporate a game element!

As clear as possible

If you offer a language learning service, make sure it can be used by anyone, regardless of their level. Create a chatbot, provide prompts and tips in your app, and offer help if the bot fails.

Appealing design

Having a pleasant and easy-to-use language learning app is of great importance. An interface should be easy to use, clean, and without distracting details. UX and UI designers are vital to your project!

iOS & Android

Using both iOS and Android platforms will be necessary since different types of users prefer different devices. You have no other option to achieve future success than to increase your language app development costs. You need to take assistance from an android and/or iPhone app developer to develop a market-ready e-learning app. 

Wrapping It Up!!!

To develop your idea of the language application, you must hire specialists. Your Duolingo language learning application must be in the correct format, so be sure to think through every detail. Afterward, hire a mobile app developer with the requisite expertise and skills. You should let the developers know which of your plans can be executed and how much they will cost. Making a list of the app’s features will be easier with this information.