New and innovative entertainment business methods have been developed as a result of technology’s rapid advancements. With the advent of online ticket booking, standing in long lines for hours is no longer a necessity.

There is a vast scope for progress and growth in the online ticketing industry in the coming years. As the growth of the app industry has grown exponentially, many organizations are setting out to build apps like BookMyShow.

Creating a buzz in the entertainment industry is the brilliant idea behind this business model. Statistics predict a 6.5% CAGR for the global online movie ticketing market through 2025. Following digital trends, it is worth investing money into building an app for ticket purchasing.

What features you should include in your movie ticket booking app

Features for the users

  • User Registration

You need to register as a user in order to submit all your personal information, like your contact information, name, email, password, etc. Signing in should also be possible through social media accounts.

  • Log-in

After registering, the user can log in with their username, password, and mobile number.

  • Select Location

You can choose your location via GPS by selecting your city and location from the multiple options provided. As soon as the user selects a location, they are taken back to their home screen.

  • Show Listing
    This listing shows all the categories, names, languages, venues, locations, and ticket prices. 
  • Book Show

By tapping the icon for Book Ticket in the application, users can book their tickets. The graphic image displayed allows them to select specific showtimes, halls, and seats.

  • Real-Time Booking
    Users can use this feature to book shows conveniently and receive immediate confirmation of their bookings.

Features for Admin 


The admin can view the total performance statistics, listed cinemas, income generated, and more in the Dashboard.


With their login credentials, the administrator can access the application.

Manage Users
Admin can observe the active users, edit or remove a user or add new users. 

Manage Shows
Admin can examine all the recorded shows and can refine by various criteria.

Manage Profile
The Admin will manage users’ profiles here and can add and delete users.

Cost-influencing factors for the Development of App like BookMyShow 


In comparison to the iOS platform, Android app development is cheaper. Although it might be more expensive, you should still release your app on both platforms to reach a bigger audience.


For retaining customers, you need to hire developers who can create a user-friendly interface with an attractive design.


You’d have to pay extra for additional features. Consider only a few key features that will set your app apart from the others if your budget is restricted.


Costs may also be affected by the developer’s location and experience. It is not necessary to hire a highly paid team to produce quality work. Therefore, before hiring them, test their skills and aptitude.

For a single platform, the cost of a ticket booking app development with standard features will be about $10,000 to $30,000. When you intend on both sites, the price could go up to $45,000.


We are surrounded by technology in almost every aspect of our lives. Many times, people waited in line for their favorite movies/activities. We no longer need to handle applications for booking movie tickets because technology has done it for us. Therefore, you can succeed in this competitive environment by creating a feature-rich movie ticket app. Get in touch with a mobile application developer and discuss your idea in detail.