If you’d like to switch off Bitdefender for any reason, this is how you can do it. Be aware that your system will not be safe from risk when it is turned off.

Bitdefender is one of the most effective alternatives for antivirus software. If you have a reason why you’re looking to remove it, we’ll show the steps to take. But, before you take action decide if there’s an alternative.

It’s not a good idea to switch off antivirus protection for a long time This is the reason why the standard option is to deactivate Bitdefender for five minutes.

If the firewall is creating problems and you want to turn off this feature in exactly the same manner, however, you might want to consider making an exclusion within the application that has been blocked. However, the firewall is performing its job to other applications.

How to disable Bitdefender antivirus?

The most important interface for Bitdefender is available. You can either search for Bitdefender in the Start menu of Windows 10 or search in the notification area of the system menu Click on the small upward-facing arrow to the left side of this time and date. The icon will be a white B within the top of a red square.

After you have logged into the Dashboard After that, click the Security link directly below the Dashboard to the left.

Select Settings in the ANTIVIRUS box, and after that, you can switch off Bitdefender Shield. When you do this then a Windows prompt will appear asking you if you want to enable changes by clicking Yes.

You’ll be able to select the amount of time you’d like to switch off risk protection. But we suggest keeping the duration to a minimum, to allow you to complete your task as you wish. The protection will automatically return after the time period you choose in order to make sure you don’t forget.

How can I turn completely off Bitdefender?

If it doesn’t solve your problem there are other options to turn off. Advanced Threat Protection for instance, as of example, checks applications for different types of vulnerabilities, which could stop a program from operating. If you’re confident that the program is safe, it is possible to select Preferences in the ADVANCED THREAT PROTECTION box to disable it.

On the other hand, the issue could be a website that has support services online. To turn off Bitdefender’s online security, select Preferences beneath ONLINE THREAT REDUCTION, and you’ll be able to find a variety of switches that you can switch off and also the Network Hazard Avoidance tab, which also has a switch.

Like before, it’s not a good idea to turn any of them off for a long time as they all are essential to keep your personal computer as well as your personal information and even your identity.

How to Delete BitDefender

If you’re looking for a permanent way to stop BitDefender, then you’ll need to remove the program. Return to Windows 10, proceed to Start and Settings click Programs, then choose Uninstall when you see BitDefender. If you’re using Windows 8 and 7, you can uninstall under Programs and Attributes within the Control Panel.

To ensure an indefinite BitDefender shut down on the Mac device, open your Finder, and then select Moving from your menu. Select Utilities, and then conduct the BitDefenderUninstaller. When asked, click Uninstall by the program, then enter the administrator password to your device. When you’ve got confirmation that the program has been removed you can go to Macintosh HD and then Library and then move the BitDefender folder to Trash.

How to Enable BitDefender

Maybe you’re facing an issue with your computer that BitDefender is refusing to work or you simply need to enable BitDefender following exporting. In order to enable it again, take the steps that you made in order to deactivate BitDefender to enable all of the modules that you blocked. If you think you’re often doing this you might want to make notes of what you have disabled to determine what you can reenable, and later turn off.

However, if your BitDefender is constantly shutting off, there’s an additional set of options to think about. Reboot your device if you haven’t already. If this fails to accomplish the task and you’re running Windows switch it off from your Action Center. It is possible to start BitDefender and then select Settings and then verify that certain that the On-Access Scanning feature is turned on. Also, make sure to check each module to make sure that everything that needs to be turned on isn’t removed at any time.