How to download music from YT legally? YouTube, belonging to the global giant Google, generates billions of views of the videos in its resources every day. In Poland, it is the undisputed market leader, and competing portals offering online video and music have no chance against YouTube. But what if we are not currently connected to the Internet or the quality of our connection leaves much to be desired? If we plan, for example, a longer journey by train and we know that the network may be bad, can we download YouTube music to a computer (tablet or laptop) in advance and, what else, do it legally? The answer to this question is: absolutely!

Let’s start with whether downloading videos from YT is legal at all and in accordance with Polish law. If we download the film to our computer, will we face any sanctions or inconvenience from law enforcement agencies? Are we breaking the law this way?


is it legal to download YT videos?

The source of copyright in Poland is the act on copyright and related rights adopted in 1994. It regulates such concepts as the subject of copyright, the duration of these rights, and distinguishes between moral and economic copyrights. All this also applies to music and YouTube videos that are shared by the authors. If we want to legally download music from YT, we must pay attention to the fact whether the material was made available by the author or the copyright owner. If so, you can download it for personal use.

When is it illegal to download videos from YT?

However, if a movie or music has been published on the network without the consent of the copyright owner, downloading it from YouTube is not legal. Moreover, sharing downloaded videos, i.e. their distribution on YT, is also illegal.

How to download music from YouTube

Since we already know when downloading movies is legal, and when not, let’s check how to download music from YT. There are at least several ways to do this. We can use specially created applications and downloaders on youtube, the list of which is presented below. Using any of them will allow you to download your favorite song to your PC in a selected format, e.g. MP3 or OGG so that you can listen to selected songs without Internet access, e.g. when traveling or in a place where Internet access will be difficult.

YT download programs and sites

To download a movie or music from YouTube, first of all, check whether it has been made available by the copyright owner. According to the law, if the author of the recording or a music or film company with copyright makes a given recording or video available on the Internet, we can legally download it . It is forbidden to make it available for download to others.

Special websites and programs are an effective solution that will allow us to download music from YouTube. They are very quick and easy to use, usually, it is enough to just paste the link in the appropriate field and indicate the format in which we would like to see the material on our computer (eg MP3, MP4). After a few moments, we can enjoy the downloaded movie or song
We can also find a whole lot of different types of programs for downloading music and other files from YouTube on the web. Most of them are easy to use and intuitive, thanks to which we can literally enjoy having our favorite music on our computer in a few moments, thanks to which it will be possible to listen to it offline, without advertising. The most popular programs with which we can download music from YT are 4K Video DOwnloader, aTube Catcher, and JDownloader. Their more detailed descriptions can be found below.

4K Video Downloader

A free program that allows you to download movies, playlists, channels, and subtitles from many websites. An extremely easy-to-use application that allows you to enjoy movies in really high quality, both online and offline. 4K Video Downloader is available on the following systems: Windows, Ubuntu, and macOS. It contains many useful options, such as proxy servers to download movies from blocked regions or direct transport to iTunes. How to Download YouTube Music with 4K Video Downloader?

Download and install the program,
Copy the link of the selected video on YT,
Open the program and paste the selected link in the “Paste link” option,
Select the desired format of the downloaded file (eg MP3) and click “Download”.

When you download from youtube, it’s quite disadvantageous and copyrighted, you can refer to it hereĀ Soundcloud to mp3