The demand for Telugu movies has increased in recent years due to the Hindi dubbed versions doing well on YouTube. But, when it comes to the original language version, you only have the option to subscribe to one of the OTT platforms available in India. And if that film is available on that platform, you will be able to watch it. 

But what happens, when you don’t want to spend too much on the OTT subscriptions. Well, if don’t like it, then you can use torrents to download the movies. But getting the original version of Telugu movies through torrent is a tough task. This is why the best website to download Telugu movies for free is Jio Rockers. is a website that hosts a lot of Telugu and Tamil movies in original languages. You can open Jio Rockers for Telugu movies and download them. 

What are Jio Rockers

In simple words, It is a piracy website that provides a vast database of movies from the Tamil and Telugu industries. You don’t need to do anything on Tamil Jio Rockers, just open the website and search for the movie you want and click on the Download button. That’s it, they survive on ads and you have to bear a few disturbing ads if you want to use the

Recent Leaks – Sometimes, Jio leaks a movie in HD before the official release date. That is why producers are not with the website and they want to take it down. Some of the domains of Jio Rockers are banned in the country but you can use the proxy sites. They keep adding new domains to their list and you can utilize them and download new Tamil and Telugu movies. It is relatively safe to use the website as they don’t offer anything else than movies at this point.