Different software or programs have different ways to inform about errors. Some of them are easy to resolve, while others require special techniques to fix. Talking about QuickBooks, which is used to manage accounts, payroll functions, and managing inflow/outflow, often faces an issue QuickBooks error 6000. It generally occurs due to interrupted software installation, misconfigured firewall, or antivirus software hampering the program functioning.


Are you also facing a similar challenge in your QuickBooks software? Or the error code also accompanies more numeric symbols like QB error 6000 80, error 6000 83, 6000 77, 6000 301, etc? Not a problem, this troubleshooting guide will eliminate all these issues. Let’s get started.


What causes QuickBooks error 6000?

Error 6000 in the QuickBooks application occurs when you try to open a company file. There could be different reasons that cause the issue and some of them are mentioned below.

  •       The security software firewall is blocking the network connection and causing an error.
  •       The QB installation file is missing or corrupted.
  •       Your .TLGfile is missing or corrupted.
  •       You have wrongly configured the network connection on your system.
  •       Multiple users have logged into the same company file.
  •       The error 6000 may also occur when you try to restore the backup of your company files.
  •       You are trying to the damaged company files.


Step to fix QuickBooks error 6000

Once you get to know the reason causing an error 6000, it’s time to resolve the error. In different ways, you can eliminate the issue. However, you must follow the pre-determined series of steps to resolve the problem. Here are the best possible steps that resolve the issue quickly and hassle-free. Let’s get going.


Step 1. Try restoring the backup

The first step should be restoring the backup of your company files and to make sure it’s working well. Follow the steps given below.


  1.     Firstly, open the company files.
  2.     Now you will have to click on the filetab.
  3.     Click over the utilitiesmenu.
  4.     If you find the option stop hosting multi-user access, then click over it.
  5.     Finally, edit the company file name and ensure it’s 210 characters long.


(Here is the tip: Incorporate the file name in a way, that it only displays the important details.)


Step 2. Rectify the firewall configuration and antivirus software

  1.     Start off with opening the QuickBooks database manager.
  2.     A new window pops up and here you need to find the port monitor tab. Also, check the QuickBooks version.
  3.     Now you have to note down the firewall port number.
  4.     After that, open the windows firewall and click advanced settings.
  5.     Now right-click over the inboundoption and choose a new rule.
  6.     Click portand click next.


Step 3. Open the company files in a new location

You can also save and open the files in some other location. To do this you will have to copy the files and drop them at the other location. Also, you can proceed with this step by moving the company files to local or network drives. Doing this step will let you know the clear picture of QuickBooks error – 6000.


Step 4. Lastly, rename the .tlg or .nd files

  1.     To rename the files, firstly, you will have to open the company file location.
  2.     Now locate the company file that you are trying to resolve.
  3.     Next, search the files with the same name .TLGor .ND extensions.
  4.     Right-click on these files and change their extensions.
  5.     Add .old in front of their name.
  6.     Now open the file and login into it for resolving the QB error 6000.


Need help? QuickBooks experts are just a call away

Eliminating QuickBooks error code 6000 will be easier once you completely follow these steps. Even if you find any confusion or cannot understand any of these steps, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


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