Singapore, like most of us know, is a hub for world-class education. Students from many different countries flock to Singapore to get admissions to some of the best schools and universities.

Singapore is also among the top five countries with the most expat population. And to provide to the children of expats who come from different parts of the world, Singapore has a choice of many schools that cater to these international students and provides suitable curriculum to help these children adapt to their education system faster.

Private schools are also international schools that provide a curriculum that is recognized on a global level and the schools can play an important role for students who are aiming to get admissions in higher studies in some of the top universities in the world.

Education for children in Nursery, Singapore

Many of you may be looking at getting your little toddlers admitted to PreSchool programs in private schools in Singapore. Finding the right school in a place that is far away from home can indeed be a daunting experience.

You would ideally want a nursery in singapore that is well-reputed and has the best interests of its students. Most schools have an international label, but how can you be sure that they will deliver what they promise and that it is well worth the money that you spend on fees.

Doing thorough research beforehand can give a heads up on what can be the best option for your little one.

Thankfully, Singapore has very strict education guidelines that most schools have to follow, and this fact can give you some relief while searching for a new school.

One of the best schools for Nursery, Singapore.

Global Indian International School (GIIS) is a household name for Singapore expats. It was first established in 2002 in Mount Sophia, Singapore, and was the first school for Indian expats.

GIIS is now a Global name and has established its schools in countries like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, and India.

The core of GIIS’s mission is to create responsible and global citizens out of every student.

GIIS’s PreSchool Program

GIIS offers the unique Global Montessori Plus (GMP) method for its preschoolers. This is an award-winning curriculum that is a good blend of the Montessori Method which is a hands-on way of learning things where children learn new concepts through self-initiation and self-direction and the tried and tested preschool method that has been followed for many years. This unique combination can act as a booster to very young children who are learning new things in a new environment.

The vision of the GMP program is to help children establish a strong basic foundation that will come in handy during primary and secondary years of schooling.

The preschool program has age criteria between 2.5 to 5 years and every child will get a chance to adapt to the 5 basic pillars of GMP namely:

  1. Excelerate Program: Here the emphasis is on basic skills like reading, writing, listening, and speaking and also basic numeracy skills like Math.
  2. Multi-faceted learning: Taking into consideration the strengths of each child, this learning promotes and enhances the skills that are innately present in each child. The interest of the child is further encouraged through activities like field trips and special events.
  3. I Play programme: This programme understands the importance of play in every child’s life. Playing with their peer groups helps children to interact better and under the guidance of the teacher, the children are taught some important skills like independent thinking, learning to cooperate, and managing themselves in a group setup.
  4. I Care Programme: This is a wonderful program that teaches children essential values like compassion and social awareness. There are green initiatives that help children understand their environment and its importance and there are other activities that help to enhance a child’s character traits.
  5. Future Ready programme: This Programme helps children familiarize themselves with the latest age-appropriate technology and next-generation practices. Students are given a chance to develop critical thinking and creativity.

GIIS also follows the 9GEMS framework that gives every child an opportunity for all-around holistic development and not just excellent academics.

 GIIS Teachers

 Teachers play the most important part in a student’s life. She is the single point of contact and she is expected to be warm and supportive to her students, especially little children, to help them acclimatize themselves to a new environment.

 GIIS’s recruitment procedure is very stringent and it also provides intense training on modern technologies. The teachers are highly qualified and experienced.

 GIIS’s Campus

 Young children are often visually stimulated with wonderful colors, new concepts, and materials that they can touch and feel. The Montessori classrooms in GIIS are filled with these interesting elements and this is a great ice-breaker for most children.

 There are indoor and outdoor spaces for play and the whole campus is digitized to make sure it provides a safe and secure environment to all its children.


This can be a great choice for your child’s schooling, especially if they want your children to start here from the beginning.

 The school meets all the criteria that most parents look for, and is a wonderful global platform to provide to your child and help them gain the much-needed confidence to thrive in this competitive world.