The jack is defined as a mechanical device to assist in the vertical alignment of the product. These casters have been developed for the added benefit of enabling not only vertical but also lifts, but the unit or product can be operated horizontally as well as once mounted on the casters. Lowering the jack once again ensures that the unit is stable again. This simple development can be evident on the gantry, mobile platform, tiered seat and machinery. View here the latest casters that can be adapted to a variety of environments, and are available to suit a wide range of load capacities from 100 kg to 2.5 tons.

Jacking casters are designed for rotating casters with an elongated shaft, and with a side plate to move the unit in any way. The wheels inside the castor can be rubber wheels, polyurethane wheels, nylon wheels and even iron wheels for heavy duty application. The vertical lift obtained on jacking casters ranges from 75mm to 150mm. Once the castor is moved along the machinery or frame, it can be adjusted by a folded handle, threaded stem or spanner adjustment. Make sure if you fit more than one jacking coaster, you adjust them at the same time to distribute the load evenly when you order them online.

Since jacking casters are a special product, their load capacity is slightly different from normal casters. The general rule with standard casters is that if you are fitting four casters in one unit; ensure that the total load of the unit can carry a maximum of three castors. This allows a margin of safety, for example if the floor surface is uneven and carrying only 3 castor weights at any one time! Jacking casters though have a different kettle of fish! There are more opportunities when adjusting jacking casters to make the weight distribution uneven. This means that a jacking coaster for any machinery, frame or mobile platform will support only half of its total weight. Once this weight is calculated you can choose the most suitable jacking caster to suit the job. Remember that some heavy duty jacking casters can carry more than two tons each. So you still have many options to choose from.

An alternative to lighter duty, and indeed an alternative to jacking casters, would be foot-master casters. These small casters are designed to create anti-vibration pads, which can be adjusted height to handle connected casters.Click here to buy the advanced castors online.