Choosing the perfect glass display cabinet is never an easy job. One needs to consider a lot of things- budget, size, lighting, mobility, shelving and so on before deciding upon a particular piece.

For many retailers, who put in a lot of thinking in planning and designing their products and store, to make those absolutely unique, the retail display units should too, make some noise. Especially if you are a retailer selling premium merchandise, extra effort should be put in behind the glass cabinets in which your products will be displayed.

Retail Displays


You need to consider the budget before choosing the glass cabinet. There are a variety of options out in the market that may be within your budget or way beyond it. The best glass cabinet stores should rather suggest you a piece that is within your budget or near it and would suit your requirements in the best possible way. It is also very likely that you will find an option that you never really imagined buying, whether its going beyond your budget to choose the best quality product, the one with a maximum display area or a product that provides the best merchandising experience. The trick is to consult an expert about your requirements and bring the best-suited glass cabinet to your store.

Size and Shape of Glass Cabinets

Glass cabinets come in an array of shapes and sizes, and not only that, the expert designers can also customise cabinets so that it suits your requirements in the best possible way.

If one understands the different shapes of retail displays available, it becomes easier to choose the right one for you. Utilising space in retail spaces the right way is of utmost important, because within that limited space you need to be creative and display your merchandise in the most attractive way possible, to pull in more customers.

Retail display units are available in small like cubes and tall pedestals like towers, full glass cover, to half glass cover, frameless to full frame, and so on. The best way to decide the shape and size of the cabinet is to first establish the visual merchandising plan and then go about buying those. While the cubes and mushrooms are perfect to be the centre piece of your retail store, the tall tower-like ones look the best when lined against the wall. Your costly merchandise remains safe, sound and shining in these retail displays.


Lighting is also a strong contender for consideration. You get multiple options for downlights and spotlights. Spotlights are quite popular among jewellers and they can specifically make the jewels and jewelleries, glow. For retailers, who are new to the business (so have to keep a tab on the electric bills) or have delicate merchandise, you can consider something like that of LED downlights and spotlights. They are a cooler option than the regular globes, doesn’t produce enough heat to damage your display items, they are cheaper to run and doesn’t harm the environment.

Functionality of Display Units

Another important factor that needs to be considered is the functionality of a retail display unit. This is especially relevant for the retail stores where the cabinets not only act as a display unit but also is a storage counter. As the stocks of merchandise change, you can adjust the position of the cabinet optimising the space and display capabilities. More the merchandise, more it acts as storage and less as a display unit and vice versa.


How you want the shelves, fixed or adjustable also matters. You will definitely get more options if you use adjustable shelving when it comes to the quality of glass display unit or rotating stock.


The final, yet the most important thing to gauge is what colour you should choose to make your display a successful one. The universally like colour for display units is silver, in the same way as beige was used in the 1990s. There is wrong with silver. It is smart, simple and goes with almost everything. But you want your retail displays to stand out go for a classy black, an elegant white, or something completely different and customised, something that matches the branding of your product. Branding merchandise in great-looking glass cabinets makes your products achieve new heights.