Weapons in New World are pieces of equipment used to deal damage to Enemies in battle. Especially Legendary Weapons. They are uniquely named and integrate curated Perks, a Gem Socket, and fixed Gear Scores. Legendary weapons represent the maximum power in the Aeternum, and as such, they are the most difficult to obtain. That’s why our guide is here.

There are currently four ways you can get your hands on the coveted Legendary weapons; through Legendary quests, through the loot from the endgame bosses, and by doing Arenas that offer you equipment caches, or craft a few Legendary Weapons at the Arcana Station. Now let’s break it down one by one.

Legendary Quests

The Legendary weapon quests can only be unlocked after you reach level 60 and attain a level 20 Weapon Mastery for the type of Legendary Weapon you seek. You also need to complete all the side quests in the Edengrove and Great Cleave regions as prerequisites for legendary weapon quests to show up.

Once you have met all the requirements mentioned above, complete the Madaki’s Strategem quest available at Mountainhome given by Eintou Madaki. After completing this quest, you will be rewarded with a Tier-5 Amulet with a Gear Score of 570. As an addition, all the legendary weapon quests will be unlocked.

Loot From The Endgame Boss

The endgame New World bosses offer the chance of some really good loot. For example, The Garden of Genesis is one of the max-level dungeons and can drop both New World legendary weapons and armor. The Garden of Genesis has a chance to drop weapons like the Angry Earth Exterminator, Creeping Recurve Bow, Primordial Edge and more.

Grinding Arenas

By opting for endgame Arenas, such as Siren Queen, or the Protector, you can get quests that offer you random rewards that may contain Legendary Weapons. These drops are infrequent and luck-based.

Crafting Legendary Weapons

When you start the game, you will craft a few Legendary Weapons at the Arcana Station. These legendaries include Glacial Rage and Master Cryomancer’s Gauntlet.

To craft these and other Legendary Weapons, you’ll need the right crafting skill, resources, and the right tier of crafting station. While acquiring the right crafting skill and resources will depend upon your endeavors. You’ll require a governor who wants to invest settlement resources into upgrading the station into the final tier for the crafting station.

These are all you need to know about how to get legendary weapons in New World. If you want to know more guides, please click here. The most important is you can buy new world MMO coins here. And 100% safe. These coins will help you take control of your own destiny on a dangerous island!