Where should I start my e-learning website development? The first step in the development of any web system starts from business research. It would be best to determine which area your learning business will serve and how you will gain a profit from that. 

If the area is clear to you, you need to determine how you can monetize your website. And I am here to share some insights: 

  • Providing premium subscription. With a free plan, you can provide limited functionality on your eLearning website. And for a premium subscription, some functions will be available to a user and dome premium content that is exclusive for the paid members. 
  • Selling courses. You can provide both free and paid courses. 
  • Getting commission from sales. You can allow other teachers to upload courses to your platform and get the commission from the sales. This is user-driven marketing, by the way. And can save you money on advertising. 
  • Sharing free courses access and paid certificate. It is a home Coursera platform. You could roll into the course and, after the completion, purchase a certificate.