There is no end to the issues that our body becomes host to due to stressful work environments, pollution, and harmful eating habits. Our skin is the reflection of our inner well-being, and if there is something wrong it starts reflecting it through various means. Acne is one such medium through which our skin communicates the deposition of unwanted toxins inside our systems. 

Plasma is one of the pigments that are an integral part of our skin. In Ayurveda, it is known as the rasa dhatu. It is the first tissue generated after digestion of food, therefore, it mirrors the overall nutrition level and health of our body. Thus, glowing and healthy skin is not just limited to topical applications and remedies, it is a product of several internal and external factors. 

Acne begins with the appearance of pimples in various parts of our body. They mostly occur in parts that have the most active sebaceous glands like our chest, back, neck, face, and arms. Acne treatment in Ayurveda involves a holistic approach that works on the root cause of the problem rather than symptoms. 

How Ayurveda Treats Acne Inside-out?

Acne is a common but completely unpredictable problem. It typically begins with the onset of puberty and has different levels for different people. People with very oily skin, sometimes, face the problem more severely than others. But as the body adjusts to the hormonal changes, the problem usually goes away and returns due to other reasons like bad digestion, overexposure to pollution, skin irritants, and side effects of chemicals. 

Whatever the reason, Ayurveda takes a holistic approach towards the treatment of this problem. It defines the human body as an amalgamation of five elements. These five elements of the Pancha maha boots include space, air, water, fire, and earth. The amalgamation of these five elements is driven and sustained by three driving forces – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These three forces or doshas are present in unique ratios in everybody. The deficiency or excess of any of these Doshas leads to various health issues including acne. 

One of the other factors that take a part of the responsibility for acne is the digestive fire. When metabolism and digestion are good, the least metabolic waste is left behind. The fire or Agni-based metabolic waste is known as ama in Ayurveda. When it exceeds a specified limit, it enters the basic elements forming our body like plasma, lymph, muscle, and blood. Since these elements are closely related to our skin, they lead to bumps and pimples. 

When a patient visits an Ayurvedic doctor, his or her skin is studied to ascertain the overall condition of their internal and external health. Healthy skin is a sign of well-balanced doshas. Similarly, any imbalance of doshas can be seen through pimples, bumps, marks, and blemishes over the skin. 

Ayurveda states that Vata Dosha is related to the air element and its imbalance may result in dryness, blemishes, and prickling in the skin. Pitta is fiery and hot by nature, so when pitta dosha is imbalanced it results in red and coppery acne. If overlooked, such bumps may start oozing. It is suggested not to touch such acne as it may spread to other parts of the body. Vitiation of Kapha dosha leads to skin issues that make it both oily and itchy. 

Ayurveda is one of the most ancient systems of medicine that works through purgation and rejuvenation. Acne treatment in Ayurveda begins with detoxification (shodhana) through a number of natural therapies like Panchakarma therapies like virechana, oil massages, svedana, and lepam to eliminate the toxins responsible for the impurities that lead to a surge of acne. These therapies largely help in pacifying the vitiated doshas and cleansing the systems. 

The second part begins after detoxification. It focuses on rejuvenation that helps in reviving the lost health of the skin. It includes some herbal concoctions and some Ayurvedic pastes application that helps in rejuvenating the skin. It helps in alleviating the symptoms of acne. It also helps in clearing the skin and restoring the lost glow of skin. Apart from this, the patient also needs to maintain a healthy diet and stay away from unhealthy eating habits. Together, all these therapies and medicines work together to restore the health of the skin and remove the root cause for acne.