Yellow teeth are very common these days. Although it is not a disease, it leaves a huge impact on a person’s overall oral health and mental health. Therefore, it should be treated appropriately. 


There are many teeth whitening treatments in modern dentistry that you can use to get rid of your yellow teeth. Some of those are as follow:


Teeth Bleaching (In-Office)


Teeth bleaching or tray bleaching is an effective teeth whitening treatment. It is performed by expert dentists in dental offices. During the treatment, the dentists use a tray filled with the bleaching agent and apply it to the surface of the patient’s teeth. They let the patient keep it for more than 2 hours. Meanwhile, the bleaching agent activates to remove the yellowness and stains from the surface of the teeth. 


The patient has to undergo such many visits to completely get rid of his/her yellow and stained teeth. 


Laser Whitening (In-Office)


Laser teeth whitening is the fastest way to remove yellowness and stains from the surface of teeth. This treatment takes only one visit to teeth whitening Boynton Beach


During this treatment, the dentists use the laser to remove the paleness and stains from the teeth. However, this treatment may cause some side effects that can damage your teeth’ enamel, burn gums and lips. 


OTC Whitening Products (At-Home)


Over-the-Counter products include whitening toothpaste, whitening strips, whitening mouthwash, etc. Although these whitening products are not as effective as bleaching and laser treatments are, you can use them to get rid of your yellow teeth to some extent.