Height is a problem for many people. Not many people feel comfortable with their height. So what to do? Can we do something? Is it possible to increase height after 21 or 18? In this article, we will know that is it possible? If so, then how? How to increase height after 18?

If you have the same question in your mind, you are not alone. Many people want to know whether they can increase their height after 18 or 21 years? And you will find countless answers and articles on the internet. You will find some articles like how to increase height in 1 week? Seriously! What the hell is this?

Before age, we have to know that the height depends on which factor first. Guys, the first and most important factor on which your height depends is your genetics. Yes, genetics is the main factor of your height. If the height of your parents or grandparents is good, then your height will also be good. And if their height is less, then your height will also be less.

But genetics is not the only reason for height growth. Height growth also depends on your healthy diet and your good lifestyle. But in many cases, it has been seen that even after the healthy diet, the height does not increase after 18-20 years.

Reason why your height does not increase.

If seen, the height of human stops growing after 18-20 years. And what is the reason for this, your bones, yes your bones, especially your growth plates. Growth plates, which we also call epiphyseal plates. These areas are specialized cartilage near the end of your long bones. As long as your growth plates remain active, your long bones increase, and lengthening in the long bones is the primary reason for your height growth. But when you are mature, your growth plate stops due to hormonal changes, due to which your long bone growth stops, and your height stops growing. Generally, girls’ growth plates are closed at the age of 16–18 years and for boys at 18–20 years.

Although this is not necessary, some research has observed that some people’s height increases until they reach adulthood.

There are many myths about increasing height. Let us look at some such myths.

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