As a professional internet marketer, you know that your website will only grow in relevance and importance if it has a large number of backlinks. SEO Backlinks are essential for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This means that your website has to be linked to other high-quality websites with high search engine rankings. Here are 50+ easy to implement tips to increase your website traffic in the next decade.


How to Increase Your Website Traffic by Using Facebook Connect – If you do not have Facebook Connect, then make it a point to sign up for it today. Facebook Connect is essentially an advanced SEO tool that allows you to create viral links by posting comments on other people’s blogs and articles and publishing a blog post on your own site. It will also track your bounce rate on Facebook and other social media sites.


How to Increase Your Website Traffic by Using Viral Traffic – Create a video with a link to share on Facebook or tweet a link to an article on Twitter. These types of viral links will spread like wildfire and drive plenty of organic traffic to your site. The YouTube thumbnail can also be labeled with your company branding, website URL, and even company logo.


How to Increase Your Website Traffic by Using Twitter lists – Create a Twitter list to send traffic to every new post you make on your blog. The goal is to have these posts show up on the top of every search engine’s first page under “Tweets.” Be sure to add an “added by” link at the bottom of each post. Do not just use your company name or brand. Be creative! Add a keyword in your title or URL to get additional visibility.


How to Increase Your Website Traffic by Using Authority Backlinks – This involves creating new content periodically for your blog posts and your company’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other accounts. Write a blog post on your company’s behalf with a catchy headline and interesting information in the body. Then submit this for publication on your company’s Facebook page or Twitter page. Make sure to include a link in your author box at the end of the post. Please encourage others to link to your posts by repurposing your content transformation link and submitting them to various article directories. Be sure to use a unique domain name for each of these accounts.


How to Increase Your Website Traffic by Using Social Media Optimization – You’ll need to master at least some basic social media optimization skills when trying to promote your company using this technique. Social media networks, such as Facebook, are littered with spam, and many times it isn’t easy to distinguish one particular marketing effort from another. To avoid being penalized for spam, you’ll want to create an account with each networking site and carefully follow the rules and guidelines that each has in place. If you want to get around these restrictions, try setting up your accounts with different email accounts instead of creating a new account for each.


How to Increase Your Website Traffic by Using Guest Posting – If you have written several blog posts on your own site, you can share them with other websites and ezines. However, you may find that posting your guest blog posts on your own site can be too risky. Rather than expose your company to potential legal troubles, you can always submit these posts under your own name in an author bio section on a related site, for more info you can visit our site:


How to Increase Your Website Traffic by Using Social Media Optimization – When you optimize your profile on social media outlets, like Facebook and Twitter, you will increase the visibility of your business. These social media outlets are great ways to interact with customers and build relationships, so using them to advertise your blog posts is smart. While these techniques tend not to pull in a ton of traffic to your website, they help you establish brand loyalty and trust. Brand loyalty and trust allow you to offer your products or services at more affordable prices to your current customers and help bring in new clients who might not have otherwise tried your product or service. For this reason, social media optimization can be an excellent strategy for driving traffic to your blog posts.