A unified communication solution refers to an integrated system that connects the phone through high performance servers with multiple communication methods. This is immensely beneficial to a business to integrate their communication methods to drive productivity and clarity. Any business uses several ways to communicate like normal calls, video conferencing, email, instant messages, SMS, fax, and many more. A unified communication system brings all of these methods together to allow a business to communicate easily in a single system. This brings around many benefits to a business irrespective of its size.

Benefits of unified communications

A unified communication solution offers a competitive advantage to a business. It helps the business reduce the number of independent tools, solutions, and platforms they require by integrating them through high-performance servers. Most companies who choose unified communication systems over the traditional setup are future-proofing their investment while keeping pace with the advances in technology. Using such combined communication systems benefits the business by improving their efficiency, reducing the costs, increasing revenues, and providing better customer services.

Features of unified communications

The biggest feature of a unified communication solution is the mobility that it offers to a business to stay connected regardless of their location. Through their office extension, the business can make or receive calls, chat, and many more functions through the softphone applications. The web-based interface the communication system uses provides complete call control to customize the phone settings, voicemail, and many more. The high performance servers it uses also make it possible to validate particular user preferences and work seamlessly across systems.

The unified communication solution with the unified messaging option allows a user to manage different types of messages through a single application. They can also switch the mode of communication between different systems through high performance servers on demand. These systems allow fax to be received by the system and route it to the destination as an attachment through email. The process works perfectly across desktop and mobile devices. This increases the collaboration across the organization and with partners or clients to drive business benefits.