Amazon is one of the greatest services that are available right now. It sells almost everything that might be required by the general public, except a few things that they do not sell on purpose. As you guys can imagine that a site that sells everything will automatically be in demand. So, users keep asking how to make an account on Amazon or how to access my Amazon account. If you are asking the same question regarding the amazon sign up then continue reading.

How to create an Amazon account instantly?

In this section, we will clear all your queries about logging into your Amazon account and most importantly how to sign up.

  • Open the Amazon desktop app first and foremost.
  • Take your mouse over to the Sign In option, and then tap on Start Here which shows.
  • Go into the labelled box that appears, by writing your name, then email address which you’ll have to confirm and thereafter enter your phone number.
  • Write your password and confirm it again, then tap on Create Account and you’re in.

Next time just open Amazon Login full site which appears on the front page, enter your Amazon account credentials and that’s it, you can use your Amazon account then.