Every year, SEO trends evolve, and Google changes its algorithm. As the search engine giant tweaks and refines its algorithm updates, the latest SEO tools incorporate user behaviours and intent. For this reason, even in 2021 and beyond, SEO is going to dominate the industry.

So, how can your partnership with an Alberta SEO company help keep up with Google’s algorithms?

Below are the top three SEO trends you can master to do just that:

Voice Search and Mobile Optimization
Mobile has become the king in how users collect their information online and conduct web activities. Ever since Google made mobile-first indexing its top priority in late 2020, websites have realized the importance of mobile responsiveness.

Users on the go favour smartphones, tablets, voice-activated wearable tech, and more that are portable and tiny to carry around on their person. Already the market share for mobile devices is 55% and is continuing at a higher rate. So, leveraging mobile optimized websites is one way to attract the target group.

Likewise, people looking up the web by saying “Hey Google.….” are on the rise. Smart home devices like Alexa and automation technology have added to the trend of voice search. The good news is that voice SEO is not very different from standard SEO, just indispensable now.

Google E-A-T SEO
Google ranks a web page as a high-quality content resource when it proves its expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. Although E-A-T is not a trend, update, or algorithm, Google holds this principle as a significant factor in judging a website. Even if you have many expert opinions on the content, it won’t rank high on Google if there is a lack of evidence.

E-A-T focuses on:

1. How credible is the website?

2. How knowledgeable is the writer?

3. Is the website trustworthy enough?

E-A-T principles go beyond YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) websites, such as:

• News

• Public/official information

• Legal advice

• Medical information

• Finance consultation

• Online shopping

Even forums where experts discuss their experiences, such as gossip websites, fashion, Q&A pages, etc., should also conform to E-A-T standards to qualify as high-quality pages. So, besides giving accurate information, you should filter the backlinks and only quote credible authors, which takes you to the next point.

Backlinks or Inbound Links
The number of backlinks and their credibility can break or break your website rankings. When all things considered equal, backlinks are what can differentiate between your website and your competitors. As mentioned above, linking only to high-ranking, credible, and reputable sites with well-researched content is the way to go.

Your Alberta SEO company can incorporate these tactics for link-building:

Competitor Analysis
Using analytics, your SEO expert can research your competitor’s backlink, export that list, and reach out to those site owners and build relationships.

Influencer Marketing
Influencers are big on social media and their respective platforms. By gaining their trust and forming a mutually beneficial relationship, you can score high-authority backlinks.

Improved UX
User experience is a strong ranking factor that is more about your website than external linking. A website lacking UX optimization makes users unhappy, and Google can rank it lower.

If a user arrives at your website, browses the content, clicks the “back” button and goes to other sites until they find what they want, it is called Pogo Sticking. The reasons could be slow page loading, no mobile optimization, non-functional links or buttons, and more. Your SEO consultant can help clear these hurdles.

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