Cash App is a digital payment app that allows users to transfer or receive money online. Off late, the Cash App has introduced so many great features for users: earning free money, getting a direct deposit, and above all to order a Cash App card. This cash app debit card is a black color customized card that works like any other card and allows users to pay at retail stores, send money, shop online and withdraw money from a Cash App card. So after knowing these great features of a Cash App debit, you must be wondering- how do I order a Cash App card?

However, if you use your balance in a shop or pay a merchant without waiting for it to transfer, all you need to do is apply for the Cash App card. The card is free, customizable, and it is very easy to apply for a Cash App card. If you are 18 years old, you can order a Cash App card and use it wherever Visa cards are accepted. Moreover, if you have a Cash App Card, you can use it as a debit card and spend your balance anywhere that accepts Visa.

Step by Step procedure to order a Cash App card: 

Keeping this in mind and helping users understand how to order a Cash App card, we have prepared this guide. You can order a Cash App card with a few simple, and the great thing is that it is free to order this card as there are no charges for it. If you still not have got your Cash App card following are the steps that you need to take for this:

Step 1: Open the Cash App and click on the cart icon

Step 2: Click on the “Order” shown in green color.

Step 3: After this, select your cash card color. As of now, you can pick either black or white.

Step 4: The next page lets you choose if you want your $cashtag on your card or not. Here you can also select any drawing of your choice or your signature to appear on your card.

Step 5: Here, you need to enter your address where you want your Cash Card to be delivered.

Step 6: The next page will ask you to fill up your details like Name, D.O.B and last four digits of your social security number. A person needs to be 18 years or above to request a Cash Card.

Step 7: After filling up all the details, the next page will show you a confirmation message. Now click on “Continue.” You would receive your cash card at the registered address within 5-6 days.