Do you have a hardware store? Well, you’ve got a treasure. Because yes, these businesses are among the oldest in existence, the ones that give the best results and, of course, those were, no matter what, customers have to keep coming back to make their purchases and their orders.
Hardware stores never go out of style, they are always useful and necessary but, unfortunately, what almost all of them fail to do is know how to organize a store in order to get good management and good organization, and therefore to effectively control the stock and increase profits.
At Emuca we confide in you, so follow our advice and you will get a functional and profitable store for your business.

Benefits of ‘ a well-organized store

Do-it-yourself centers must necessarily have a tidy warehouse. The benefits of this approach are innumerable and, above all, not quantifiable.
Some of them are:

Cost reduction

When our industrial hardware stores( ferreterías industriales ) are neat and organized, it means products are better distributed, segmented, and quantified. This makes better use of the available space, avoids, or at least considerably reduces, the loss or deterioration of products, reduces costs and generates better yields.

Customer service

Inevitably, this leads to order management is much better and more effective. So, by knowing how to organize a store, we help our business to become much more competitive, increase sales and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Reduction of administrative tasks

Of course, when our hardware store is well organized, administrative tasks are reduced. Because consistent and efficient management makes it easier to reduce administrative workload and increase productivity at the same time.

Quality is key

Another big advantage of knowing how to organize a store, and put it into practice, is that you can maintain the value chain of each product, so it is much easier to comply with legal regulations for the industry and the manufacturer and to maintain our quality as a whole.

Tips on ‘ organizing ‘ store

The key to keeping the shop of a DIY center in order is to optimize the ‘ space we have. We give you some tips below so you can do it as efficiently as possible:

Enjoy the height

The floor is important, but sometimes we forget that height is also important. Therefore, make the most of the vertical space that you can for better optimization.
To do this, you can choose shelving for industrial hardware stores, ( ferreterías industriales) including different levels of storage, self-supporting structures, shelves, and walkways …

Narrower corridors

Although it may seem a lot nicer to have wide and comfortable halls with a large separation between them, DIY centers must organize the store so that ‘ it is practical and productive. And, while comfort is also essential, we only need enough space to be able to move between the different aisles and reach all shelving levels safely and easily.
We can also opt for automatic systems that help us or for mobile pallet racks. But of course, if we have a good control system, everything will be much easier.

Stock organization
Basic. Priority. Elementary and inevitable. A good arrangement in the store goes through the organization of the stock. To this end, we can evaluate the most practical methods to manage the locations of different products, as well as to control obsolete products that need to be urgently evacuated or that have become obsolete.
In this way, we also avoid losses or expenses related to unnecessary acquisitions.

So you know it! At Emuca we want you to learn how to organize a store in a simple way and how to put that into practice too. You just have to think about how you want to do it, take the time to do it, and voila! Everything is set to increase your hardware store profits and keep your customers satisfied with your products and services.