What is your hair loss nature? Is it permanent or temporary?

If you see your parents or grandparents with hair loss, probably what you are facing is permanent hair loss. To confirm about your hair loss consult the doctor and find the best treatment solution. As of now hair transplant has emerged as the best way to deal with your baldness, is it really worth.

Let’s know in detail about pattern baldness and how to overcome it.

What is pattern baldness?

Pattern baldness is genetic baldness and also referred as androgenic alopecia. Genetic hair loss is the most common reason for the people to have hair loss be it male or a female. But in males it is quite more often. The pattern of baldness is different in males and in females wherein males the hair loss initiates with the receding hair line and temples or initiate with a bald patch at the vertex. The hair loss progresses to form a bigger bald area and in advanced stages it leaves a band of hair at the back and sides of the head. In females, it is most often the central thinning which progresses with the widening of the partition but usually do not end with baldness.

There are many contribution factors that could progress the hair loss which include increasing pollution, stress in life, poor nutrition and changed lifestyle. These could be the reason of increasing prevalence of the hair loss these days.

Treatment options in pattern baldness

If you are seeking treatment for your permanent hair loss then there are few ways you should know which could hide or treat the baldness.

  1. Wigs and prosthetic hairs: Most of the people go for wearing wigs or a prosthetic hair also called as hair patch. These wigs could hide your baldness but definitely can’t treat it. These modalities are temporary and demands maintenance in fact they need to be replaced in every few months or a year. These temporary modalities could be exhausting and could not be used for long term. So if might not be the best option to deal with your baldness.
  2. Medications: Minoxidil and finasteride are the medications commonly available for treatment of hair loss. Minoxidil is a topical medication which is applied at the hair loss site and is intended to slow the progression of hair loss along with thickening of hair. Finasteride is an orally taken prescription based medication which intended to slow the progression of hair loss and increase the rate of hair growth. These medication have been found to be working on hair loss patients but the effects might be reversible as once the medications are stopped the results are reversed. There are certain side effects of the medication so you can definitely go for them for a long term. Hence, it becomes a temporary way to treat the baldness.
  3. PRP therapy: PRP is a platelet concentrate which is intended to increase the hair growth at the desired site when injected in right concentration. Platelets are known to release certain growth factors which provide a better environment for the cells to divide and facilitate hair growth.
  4. Hair transplant: Hair transplant is a minimally invasive cosmetic surgery in which the transfer of hair follicles is conducted from the donor area to the desired bald area. The donor area selected is very specific as only that area is chosen where there are permanent hair roots. The permanent hair roots are DHT resistant ones which do not possess androgenic receptors are thus are not affected by the hair loss.

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Pattern baldness treat by hair transplant

You might be wondering that is hair transplant is the best way to deal with baldness? Then it is big yes, so far hair transplant is the only permanent way to deal with baldness. The procedure gives you natural hair growth as they are your own hair follicles that are been transplanted which grow by the same hair growth cycle as your existing ones.

Talking of hassle, it is a completely hassle free procedure as once the recovery is over after the hair transplant there is no need of maintaining the transplanted hair. The hair transplant is performed under local anesthesia which makes it a painless procedure.

The results after hair transplant would look very aesthetic if the procedure is performed by the right hands and using the latest technology. The hair transplant could offer maximum hair growth in a single session with advanced techniques.

The pattern baldness can very well be treated by hair transplant if the procedure is feasible in your situation. But the procedure could give assured success only when the procedure is performed under the right hands.

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